am i crazy?!...

  1. return my pomme roxbury for a TREADMILL!

    i'd like to have both, but med school likes to put a death grip on the wallet, and i don't think i can get away with having both.

    alas, i really want to better my lifestyle and get that old cheerleading body back (thanks a lot college)! i stopped eating meat and dairy, thanks to the educational novella Skinny B*tch by Rory & Kim, but it's still not enough - running is the only way.

    what would you do: skip the treadmill and make way for LV dessert (i hear they're serving apples tonight ;))?
  2. I would say CRAZY but then again my husband gave me a Treadmill for my 32nd bday and a Pomme Rox for my 35th bday. The treadmill is STILL in the box and the Pomme I use a lot.

    Keep the Rox and park far away, walk more, eat less! Pomme Rox is to die for!!!!
  3. I would keep the Rox and find another less expensive way to work out. Sorry, I just love the Rox in Pomme so I'll pick the bag over the treadmill.
  4. Skip the treadmill and go run outside! Find your favourite running route! Be fit and smoking hot with a new LV!
  5. I agree ... keep the Rox and go for a run outdoors, much better than treadmill! Or heck, go for a walk in the mall using your rox ... LOL!
  6. Yep, run outdoors!! I had a treadmill and got bored with it....much easier to run outside for a change of scenery everyday. Keep the Rox!!
  7. i live in the northeast, so it's way too cold to run outside. but thanks for the suggestions and keep them rolling.
  8. i think that if you really need the tread mill because you cant run outside and if you really have the will power to push yourself to use it every day (or however often you were planning to use it) then i would return the roxbury and get the treadmill!! you can always save up for the roxbury again but you only have one body, so give it the exercise it deserves : )
  9. Is there possibly some other less expensive exercise you could do indoors until the weather gets better? I say keep the Rox and get some exercise dvd's.
  10. Hehe, everyone said to keep the Roxbury but I think you should return it and get the treadmill. :yes:
  11. Does your med school have a gym? Mine does and I try to go considering I'm paying for it in my hefty tuition. =p
  12. I'd keep the rox too!
  13. Treadmill! A purse won't get you healthy.... I'm currently trying to lose weight, too, and I'd trade any of my purses to go back to my pre-college weight!
  14. keep the roxbury :yes:
  15. You are ManCrazy lol I hate treadmills I almost fell off one at the gym and never used them go run on the sidewalk instead there's nothing like running outside also a tip on lossing weight is NOT eating out and save for more LV!