Am I crazy??????

  1. But does this bag look much bigger than 12.5X8.5X2.7 ? Can anyone explain? Is this model so tiny that the bag looks big? Or did LV resize this bag since this photo was taken?
  2. Are the measurements inches or centimeters?
  3. They are in inches.
  4. Does anyone know? The reason I'm asking is because I'm on the wait list for this one and if it's too small, I may have to rethink it.
  5. i'm thinking that the model is small. the dimensions they give in the runway lookbook are the same as the motard pochette.
  6. I also thought somebody said they photoshopped that pic, but don't quote me on that I may be wrong. For some reason I remember when we were talking about the size of the Bon Bon in another thread this picture was the topic of discussion and photoshopping came up. Sorry I cannot be of more help. I think that Nyria may know more as she was involved in the discussion and seemed knowledgeable. I agree with Caley though, when I saw the lookbook the dimensions seemed very close to the Motard pouchette.
  7. Thanks everyone for your help. I knew this can't be the size LV has in the look book.
    Which makes me wonder...why in the H-E (double hockey sticks), would they do that?
  8. they probably made a prototype for these richard prince unveilings/preview parties. the more i look at the pic, i start to think that its the angle of the photo that may be fooling us.