Am I Crazy

  1. I was out shopping today and saw a really nice bag in Le Chateau... it was relativly cheap at $30. I am thinking about going back tommorow and getting it in the 4 different colors: black, red, tan, and white. They are made of real leather and had awesome tassle details. I want to buy these for college in the fall to put my books in.

    My question is, do you think it's crazy to get the exact same bag in 4 different colors?
  2. Yes, because Le Chateau is..ehh..

    I know it's only $30 each, but for $120 you could buy one bag that is of better
  3. If you love it...just grab 2 colors and grab yourself a wallet.....
  4. I like to change my bags a lot. I think I might only go with the red and tan now. I have been thinking about it, I actually have no other black bags and the white would probably get dirty easy. I'm going to do art at college and I want something that I won't care so much if it gets a little dirty.

    I will definatly post a picture though tommorow.
  5. no you´re not.
    if you love it get it
  6. can't see the bags are ok for school!:yes:
  7. Nothing wrong with buying four bags in different colours. But if you were to buy the same style of bag in ten different colours, I'd say you were a little crazy :biggrin:
  8. I don't think it's crazy. If you like it, it's smart to buy multiples.

    When I was young, I had a pair of shoes that I really liked and wore them out. My mom told me I should get another pair before it became impossible to wear the ones I already have. I didn't do it. And when it came time to say good bye to the worn-out pair, I couldn't find the same style ANYWHERE. So now, whenever I find something that I really like and will use frequently like jeans or everyday shoes, I get two.
  9. I do that all the black, one brown, etc.
  10. not crazy just something i dont do to much , unless i really like it
  11. What can I say with my bbags:rolleyes: You're lucky they are not that expensive :amuse:
  12. Not crazy if you really like it and know will use it often. But then I'm the gal who got two Bulga bags in the same color and style in different sizes.
  13. Well, if loving bags in multiple colors is crazy, then everyone on this forum needs to locked up in a padded cell. :P
  14. :lol: Ditto! *sheepishly smiling* :shame: