Am I crazy?

  1. I have a balenciaga magenta day bag which I totally love. It's perfect for the summer time and I am in love with the smooshy leather!! :heart: But lately I have been thinking about maybe selling it to get another bag. I have heard that the color of magenta looks better as a city style. But what are the odds that if I sell my day, I'll find a city??? Or maybe I should just keep my day bag.

    ARGH I feel like I'm going insane... :shocked:
  2. Well, the odds that you will find a city if you sell your day are the exact same if you don't sell your day.:lol: So, since it won't increase your odds, keep the day and look for the city.:flowers:
  3. I say keep your magenta day until you come across a magenta city and see which one you'll like better. Although, you may end up keeping both as it a gorgeous color ;) After all, I would! :graucho:
  4. crap, ive been looking for a magenta day.
    already have the apple down -thanks to a pf member-
    now the search for the magenta is on!
  5. Well maybe I'll find a city out there SOMEWHERE!

  6. There's a magenta Twiggy in eBay right now ... would this be an option instead of a city maybe ? Here's the Item # 6888885245 !
  7. I'd keep any style Bbag in magenta. It's a fabulous color!
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