Am I crazy!?

  1. I know this might be a bit random and I guess I'm more here for moral support but I just realized that I purchased five pairs of shoes this week! What is going on!?! Two pair of black boots (Hunter wellies:heart:, minnetonka fringe boot:heart:) red pumps (the SW red patent fever:drool:) mules (MB snakeskin from Neimans- which didnt even had a picture up on the site so I'm not sure what they look like but were only 170ish$:shrugs:) and fuchsia pumps (CL simples on backorder til spring:love:)!!!

    So do you all think I'm nuts!?!?! :nuts: Does anybody else have these crazy shoe habits!?:confused1:
  2. not nuts, it happens! if you need to take something back, how about one pair of boots. do you need two pairs in black?
  3. Lol! Are you crazy?....You're asking the wrong group! I think we're all a little nutz about something! :graucho: Hey, if you can swing it moneywise - go for it!
  4. yes, you are nuts...but so are we. ;) Kidding. I'm just thinking that I can't wait to see pictures! :drool:
  5. Lol. I definitely don't think you're crazy. Maybe passionate is a better word.

    Though buying a pair of shoes without seeing a picture of them is a bit adventurous. Sounds like a great deal though.