Am I crazy?

  1. I was pretty sure I was done with LV, I hadn't been feeling as into my collection as I used to and there's really nothing new catching my eye right now(I think maybe I just have too much going on). So I went ahead and started taking pics to list some stuff on eBay, but the more I looked at the little smiling faces on my cerises items the more I couldn't bear the thought of parting with them! I feel bad because I'm keeping things that I haven't been using as much(or not at all in some cases) and I just can't seem to get rid of them. Does this happen to anyone? Do you think I might fall back in love with my stuff if I wait it out?
  2. I've definitely gone through periods where I lose interest and want to sell EVERYTHING...but as soon as I list it, I love it again! My advice: wait a bit before selling everything. If there are things that you really don't use, then maybe get rid of those. But I personally could never part with anything Cerises! they're sooooooo cute and they make me soooooooo happy!

    btw, i LOVE your avatar!
  3. I love the cerises and unfortunately missed out on owning any. The are so cute, I would have to keep them if I had them.
  4. This also happens to me! And even with things I really don't have any use for, I still want to keep! I think it's the packrat in me preventing me from being an minimalist. I just love pretty things and keeping them around! I would keep your Cerises for sure!
  5. yes you are!!!!!

    hehe....just kidding~
    don't worry, i'm the same way.....i keep buying and keep telling my DH that i'll sell something eventually....i have closet full of things i hardly ever use including cherry items ---- maybe someday, i might use them....
    and i KNOW if i let them go, i'll miss them.....

    keep them until you're 100%sure, they're not food, they won't spoile~!
    btw, i'm fla too~!
  6. Just hold off for now. Wait a few weeks to be sure you want to get rid of them. I'm sure that you will fall back in love very soon!
  7. I think it happens to must of us. But i think the cerises it's so too lovely to get rid off. I would wait, maybe you may change your mind. I have one that i have not worned in a long time. A friend offer to buy it from me and i still couldn't do it.. LV has some pretty bags still being realesed maybe something will 'catch' your eye.
  8. The love will come back!!! I've been there and it comes back for sure!
  9. Unless you need the funds, I would wait until you are absolutely sure. If you are now having even just a little feeling of doubt, then you'll more than likely regret it later on. In a little while after you're sure you no longer have any interest or have any use for them, then by all means, sell them and buy something else you could use.
  10. I would wait...especially on le stuff that you won't be able to get back as easily if you change your mind. If there's something that you feel like you really won't use any more then go ahead and get rid of that. But if there are things you feel like you don't want to part with then keep them. Lines like Cerises won't lose value as long as you store them well.

    As for me I fall in and out of love with bags all the time, so if I'm not sure I'll just put the bag up for a few months and then one day I'll pull it back out and fall in love all over again!

    And then again, some bags you may never carry again but there are so many memories associated with it! I have a small D&B Bumble Bee purse that I haven't carried in forever, but it just has so many memories for me I may never get rid of it. ;) Memories are priceless.
  11. I think you could fall back in love with your stuff, if you can't bare selling it then you probably will will use it in the future.. I'd hold off for know at0 least :smile:
  12. maybe you could take them to LV and get all new leather replaced so they look fresh and brand new..maybe the leather is dark and dirty and you are feeling like they are old and in the past bags...So maybe fresh new leather will make you feel better about using them?
  13. I'd be scared to sell it and then miss it too badly!
  14. I'm the same way! If I'm not feeling something I want to sell it, but then get all these feelings that I just can't let it go. I can never let go of things.
  15. ^^ I'm totally like that too!