Am I Crazy?

  1. Damnit I cant control myself. Hubby has made me slim down my collection, if I want any bag in the upcoming prints. And I just bought a Pirata BV. But I dont want the BV since I have a Pirata Zucca and Campeggio (I couldnt just keep one, I love them both) but the reason I just bought this is because it has my perfect placement denaro. And I dont have a denaro yet. I think it was a very good deal because both items were for $200. But I still feel bad for buying it... I know once I get the BV I can trade it for something I do want or sell it. But I dont know how to explain this to the hubby... *sigh*.. Here are the pictures from the auction. It looks authentic to me... I am happy and a tad scared at the same

  2. Danelys- I feel ya on that. I often can control myself. My hubby thinks i'm simply crazy for buying so many bags in such a short period of time. I feel bad when i buy bags, but on the other hand they make me happy!

    I'm sure the BV will surely get you some good trades! It has such beautiful print placement.

    Usually i bribe my hubby :graucho: and he's ok with it.

    good luck!
  3. LoL thanks.. that made me feel a little bit better. I just also need to control myself better too.. But I really wanted that denaro. And I dont have one yet. lol.. my hubby is such a cheapo though. I dont know if I am even going to tell him what I just
  4. Lol. It's ok!! I've bought many of my Tokidoki bags in a VERYYYY short amount of time. I always feel a bit bad for wasting soooo much money. My bf, and many of my friends, think I'm crazy for having so many. But I :heart:333 them all! And it's a "collection" so that's my excuse, so I just keep buying and buying. T___T
    The BV and Denaro are reallyyyy cute btw. xD Your hubby can't really stop you. xD It's tooooo tempting! But I'm sure you'll be glad you got them. Plus you got them for a REALLYYY good deal, so don't feel bad. =]
  5. congrats!! i saw that auction :biggrin:
  6. so true. and hey, who can pass up a good deal! ;)
  7. Awesome deal !

    And well, tell him that it's like money in the bank to trade for an upcoming print. :graucho:
  8. I can't control myself either with these bags. I purchased my first Tokidoki bag (Foresta Gioco) last year and have been collecting a bag (or two) from each season. I have collected the Original Print (Second Gen) Bambione, Olive Camo Bella Bella, Foresta Gioco, Notte Stellina with Citta interior, Lamore Bambione and Pirata Canguro. Then there is the Summer 2007 edition and upcoming Fall and Winter collections as well.

    I really NEED to this obsession with Tokidoki.