am i crazy?

  1. is it strange to own 2 of the SAME bag(same colour - everything)? say, having an absolute favourite designer handbag, that you wear everywhere, that you never seem to get sick of, and that you want to own more than one of, kind of as a backup because obviously the bag gets the normal wear and tear of being used all the time - is this bizarre or do you ladies have this complex as well?
  2. No, not crazy. I get the same urge when I find a blouse, or shoes or lipstick I really like. In the past I bought the "backup", but found that when the time came that I needed it, I didn't really care that much anymore. So now I don't actually buy the backup, just think about it.
  3. No, not crazy at all..I even do that with some of my paperback books.

    I am starting to wish I did that with the current bag I have because now it is worn and I bought it in a different state then where I live now. :sad:
  4. No, not crazy. I personally don't own any backups of purses, but sometimes I wish I did when I see the wear and tear on my bags.
  5. I do that with shoes sometimes...
  6. I've done that with shoes in the past. For purses, I own many of the same style, but have not yet bought the same style in the same color!
  7. I tend to do that with work pants or tops, when I find something that fits me really well and/or I know I'll be getting a lot of use out of. But in terms of bags, I like variety so I've never bought the same bag in different colors or sizes.
  8. You know, I can't believe how timely your question is, because I was just switching back to my saddle Inka, and thought - whoa - I really REALLY like this bag in this color, and what would I do if something happened to it ... so I may end up doubling up on that one.
  9. Why not? Having different color purses allows you to match more of your outfits.
  10. Hell no you not crazy, I want ever B bag possible in every color....what in the world does that make me? LOL
  11. I wish I'd done that with some bags and items of clothing I have! Definitely not a crazy idea. :smile:
  12. I've done that with shoes and tops but never with a bag, but hey, go for it!
  13. Not crazy at all! I've definitely thought about it but I haven't done it yet. The bags I usually buy are rare or from an earlier season so it's difficult to find a backup to buy.
  14. Not crazy at all! I have an Apres Midi that I wish that I bought 2 of, and I've done it with clothes/shoes. However, the majority of the time, I fall out of love with the item before I ever get to the backup.