Am I crazy???

  1. I went to the movies with my boyfriend last night and we took three seats. One for him, one for me and one... for my Ursula (I was not going to put her on the dirty floor!!!!).

    So one kid came to me and asked: "Mam, is there somebody beside you?", and I answered "Can't you see that the seat is taken??? My bag is sitting here and she is not going anywhere.".

    The boy had that look on his face: :confused1:
  2. LOL! I've never gone THAT far as to deny someone a seat, but yes, my bags usually have a cushy seat to themselves =)
  3. LOL!! I don't have the balls to say that when the theater is full.. but if there's still space, I would do the same thing! Otherwise, I hang it off the arm rest. I REFUSE to let the bag touch the floor, GROSS!!
  4. :nuts: You are definitely not crazy! I would do the same thing if my very polite boyfriend wouldn't kill me!
  5. LOL Roche!!! I LOVE it! I wish I could be as daring as you. :nuts:
  6. Ha ha! I'm too paranoid to let my purse sit in the next seat in a dark theater. I'm too afraid someone might snatch it while I was watching the movie. I'll either hug it on my lap or if I do let it sit in the next seat I'll have the strap wrapped around my elbow.
  7. I always keep a handle on my arm in case someone would try to steal it...
  8. ROTFLMAO...I kid you not! Roche, you are too funny. What's even funnier is that my DH and I went to see Transformers and he wanted me to put my bag in the seat next to me. I was scared to 1. Because I thought it could get snatched up and 2. Because I didn't know whose a** was sitting there before. I ended up sitting it in my lap with a zillion napkins spread about it so no accidental drinks or buttery fingers would get on it.
  9. LOL... I am picturing that in my head!! I wonder what people think of us crazy gals.

    I had the same problem this weekend. I was on the plane and was scared sh*tless to put it on the gruddy floor. I had it on my lap for the entire trip.

    Maybe we should start bringing a bag for our bag... Anya Hindmarch "not a plastic bag" anyone?
  10. if the theater is not busy I will do the same thing. I don't want to put my bags on the floor unless I really have no other choice.
  11. Wow! You are sooo brave to take her with you. I went to buy a new bag (less expensive) for the travel and put my lovely MJ in a sleeping bag until I'll be back. I can't even think about putting her in one of these plastic boxes at the airport security.;)

  12. eeewww...I hate those plastic boxes. Who knows what fungus lurks up in there. :yucky:
  13. LOL... ew... gross... now I've have to get out the sani-wipes. ICK!
  14. WAIT a minute, thithi! Were you on those flights with me to and from Vegas? Did you see me put my MJ bowler into my "i'm not a plastic bag" on the flight? =) I did that last weekend on the way to Vegas and since my bag BROKE in vegas, I came back the same way with my new Bal. City inside the bag! How funny you would mention that!!!
  15. ROFL. Oh no, I did that! Put my Venetia sideways in my Anya Hindmarch "I'm not a plastic bag" so it won't touch the floor! I'm sure people thought I was weird.