Am I crazy?

  1. I gotmy Pirata Zucca from SH, and I thought I would LOVE the style based on what everyone here said. But, I am still using my Spiaggia Gioco. I don't know if it's because I love the Spiaggia print (I love the Pirata, as well) or the Gioco style, but I am finding myself wanting the Pirata Gioco instead. *so confused*
  2. giocos are my favorite. i don't think you're crazy, you're probably just used to the gioco...FOR NOW!:nuts:
  3. I don't think you're crazy. Zucca isn't for everyone. I had a Foresta Zucca that was super cute but I only used it like twice. (and before everyone PM's me, I already sold it)
  4. I like the zucca as a style, its very nice looking but its not for me at all so no, youre not weird!
  5. People like different things... nothing weird about that. Hey... some people... probably a lot of people would think that grown women are crazy for wearing a bag with anime-style characters on it.

    I bought and Adios Star Zucca about 6 or 7 weeks ago because I liked the characters on it... and I've never worn it and never taken the tags off. I'm still debating returning it because I don't know that I would ever wear it.
  6. HAHA! Good one..!

    Ohh i have yet to use my Pirata Gioco i just got in yesterday from SH! I'll use it tomorrow! It's my first Gioco! woot woot!
  7. I think I will hang on to it a little longer, because maybe the mood to wear it will strike me but I may try and find a gioco in Pirata, just incase... :smile:
  8. i agree, there's nothing wrong with not being comfortable with the zucca. :tup: that being said, i'm curious to find out what you love about the gioco. i really love they way it looks in the store, but when i bought a spiaggia one and tried my stuff in it, it looked a little off... kinda saggy and bulging in weird places. it seemed like there's so much "extra" fabric on top. so i ended up returning it. but it's still always on my mind, LOL. is it a matter of getting used to it??
  9. Nothing wrong at all!! I love my zucca but I use my MM a lot more! Its just a matter of personal preference! :yes:

    :roflmfao: @ robotkitten . . . (shucks!!)
  10. I actually saw the pirata gioco on vacation in LA in May, and thought it looked so weird and large, so I passed and purchased a bambinone and cucciolo. Then I kept thinking about the bag style, and looking at them on eBay. I decided I wanted something in Spiaggia with my PERFECT placement. I wasn't sure if I would like it but once I received it I was in :heart:!!!! I haven't stopped using it since I got it. It fits everything I lug around all day, PLUS snacks and my sweater. It is a little odd looking, but I guess I like the odd ones? I also have a Corriere that I love... (I am a large bag person, LOL!)
  11. I've seen nice ones in both styles.. It's a matter of personal choice really. I cannot be anything but in love with my Pirata Zucca, but if you're unhappy with yours, you could always a) sell it or b) find someone to trade with :smile: Either way I hope you get what you want!
  12. It takes me a few days to get used to a different bag. I try to rotate them every week or so, but find that I have to force myself. The bag I carry now is my Spiaggia dolce. I need to switch it, but I've been lazy. Before that was my Inferno campaggio and I thought I'd HATE the dolce, but turns out it's one of my favorites after I got used to it. :biggrin: