Am I crazy?

  1. I'm a serious LV lover but there are just two Fendi bags I can't get out of my head... I've tried both on a the boutique and love them but couldn't justice buying both... And since I'm an LV lover I was like well I could just get this LV and this instead.. Anyways then I remembered people talking about so I checked it out to see if they had the two I love. Turns out they do. And for amazing prices. But isn't it too good to be true? Here they are:




    I don't know what to do? Is this website really legit? Because I might buy both.. OR should I just buy one? I'm stuck.. If anyone has any of them please post pictures and pro/cons... Thanks in advance!
  2. H - so far they have sold PFers authentic Fendi. If you purchase from them, you can submit photos to our Authenticate this Fendi thread to make sure you have the real deal. They also have a good return policy.

    I have that Black nappa B Bag BTW, very happy with it..:tup:
  3. thanks :smile: i just can't decide if i should get both or just one. and if so which one? :sad:
  4. I second what BagLadys says RE Jomashop.

    Hard to say which you should get if only one.... at one point I would have been all about that B bag, but now I think I would go for the crossword clutch.
  5. The 1st one for sure. =)