Am I crazy???


Always on the hunt
Jan 18, 2007
OK everyone, I think I may need to be institutionalized! I have been thinking about getting a black baby cabas for months and months now. Well, I finally took the plunge and after not being able to find one here, went to ebay for it. Well, today I received it. "YAY!", right? Wrong. I feel completely underwhelmed by this bag. I tried in on, I just didn't feel like it was "me". Maybe I just need to give it a chance. But I think I'm going to put it right back up on ebay. I think the main issue is the caviar leather. For some reason, caviar just doesn't appeal very much to me. I knew this before, but I somehow thought I'd change my mind with the cabas. I guess I was wrong. I always thought I'd love this bag to pieces. Anyone want to weigh in on this issue? Should I give it a chance and maybe love it later on once I get used to it?


Jun 3, 2007
It usually take a lot of time for a bag to "grow" on me. But once it grows and I think about it all the time, I never don't love it=) I think if you dont love it at first see after dreaming about it for such a long time, you might not be able to like it over time. But thats just my opinion.=) good luck!


Feb 25, 2007
I think chanel bags must be love at first sight!Ifelt the same with many bags which I thought I liked after I saw them in real life!Just follow your heart on this and you won't regret it!As far as caviar well...I don't like it either with the exception of some white bags and I won't choose a bag based only on the durability of the leather if I don't like the design ,leather, chains and so on!IMO if this bag does not appeal to you at all put it back!Also there's always the matter that we like a bag we saw on someone else but not on us lol!!
Don't feel weird about what you dislike just feel good about what you like! :whistle:


The original Iluvbags
Oct 18, 2005
i agree. Most of the time if its not love at first sight then it won't may just end up sitting in your closet.

You're not crazy. Sometimes we enjoy the hunt more;)


Sep 4, 2006
Would love to see a pic to see how it suits you, but I don't think I have seen this bag look bad on anyone so that is probably my answer for you :smile:) Are you used to carrying larger bags? Sometimes I think this bag is stepping out of the box for most people, and things that are different can seems weird/awkard. I say give it a chance for a few days and think about how useful and practial the bag is and you might find yourself falling in love with it. If not, send it back for something you really love.


Feb 8, 2007
Of course you're not crazy.
I've seen pictures of you before showing your bags and I think everything will look great on you.
Just think about it for a few days, take it out for some testruns and then decide. If you still don't feel comfortable wearing it, I would sell it.


Mar 1, 2006
I bought my khaki Cabas due to all the raves here but when it finally arrived after a long wait (on the same day as my Cloudy Bundle tote) I hardly gave it a second look. The Cloudy was an instant keeper but the Cabas I unpacked, modeled around the house, and put back in the dustbag. I held onto it only because of it's status, thinking if I sold or returned it I'd have regrets. It's gone now, another bag has taken it's place which I love, and I couldn't be happier with my decision.

I don't believe bags grow on you; for the money we pay for Chanel it has to be love at first sight. I know comfort and functionality plays a big role for many here, but for me it is style/design - that's the attraction after all. If I love the style I can and do make the bag comfortable and functional!


May 8, 2006
This is a toughie! Like Roey, I have had bags that I got because of their popular status, and just never grew to love. But then on the other hands, the classics never used to do anything for me, and now, I just LOVE them to pieces!

The baby cabas was underwhelming to me when I first got it too. The problem was, it looked really weird all stuffed with tissues. Have you tried putting your stuff in it and carry it around the house? It feels different with the weight of real stuff vs. tissue paper. It slouches more, and feels less stiff. If you still don't like it, I'd put it back on Ebay. (Also, the cavia leather softens over time.)
Jan 13, 2007
I've never bought a bag before i could see it IRL and try it on....I am always worried that if I buy it before I see it, then I won't like it.

I have had bags grow on me (like the flap bags), but I didn't buy mine until I was totally loving them....then I bought. You bought before you saw IRL and tried it may never grow on you. If they are getting a good price on ebay, sell it. Give it a few days....but usually if you don't love it right away - you won't love it at all.

Good luck with your's tough :sweatdrop:


Apr 19, 2007
I've never bought a bag before i could see it IRL and try it on....I am always worried that if I buy it before I see it, then I won't like it.


I need to try a bag on and walk around too. I can't just decide from a photo or even seeing it on someone else. Too often I like what I see but it's gotta feel comfortable on me. So I understand how you could get it and not like it.


Working Canvas
Aug 2, 2006
^^ I agree with the 'love at first sight' comments... :yes:

Last fall, I had the chance to get a Cabas at the store. I tried it and didn't love it! I didn't care for the leather, I usually prefer lambskin or something really soft. So I passed on the bag.

After seeing members here, modeling the bag, I think I have a new appreciation for it... but who knows. Now I'm on the wait list again, for a large Cabas. I think I am going to love it this time... maybe. I agree with your concerns about the leather.