Am I crazy?? & Which one?

  1. Hello! new to this site and glad I found it! The folks here seem so great and full of fantastic information!:nuts:
    I posted in "shopping" and wanted to see if I'd get more info here...
    I already have Cabas Piano, Porte Tresor Wallet and Speedy 30 all in Mono. I am selling my Speedy 30 now on I crazy...I want to say I don't like it, but that's so hard to say!!!
    I think it's because with the Cabas, I can carry on my arm and then on my shoulder if I want and I can't do that with my fab Speedy!!!!
    Well, I went to see the Neverfull MM and fell in love!! It's so casual and relaxed! Then I thought of the Vavin GM, but do they still make it? or am I nieve? I didn't think of it until a few days after trip to LV!
    If Vavin GM is still around, which would you choose, that or Neverfull MM????
  2. neverfull
  3. hmmm.......Neverfull!
  4. Hi & welcome. I would choose the Neverfull over the Vavin.
  5. Welcome!:flowers: Good luck with your choices. (vavin gm)
  6. Neverfull...and welcome!
  7. I prefer the Neverfull MM much more than the Vavin.. Can't wait til the Neverfull comes out in Damier :tup:
  8. no u're not crazy... I love the speedy 30 too but I don't have it because it's not a shoulder bag... I think I would always love to have it one day but I won't use it much :sad:

    And neverfull is my choice :smile:
  9. Speedy is fab, keep it!! and i vote for neverfull. vavin is too ... structured imo.
  10. I love all of them! I'd have to see the Vavin and Neverfull IRL to know which one I would buy. Pricewise the Neverfull is a really good deal. It has the cuteness factor as well. The Vavin pockets are great but it is a very structured bag. IF I was looking to buy a bag with all the pockets round, I was leaning towards the minimono Lucille myself.
  11. sounds like you are not crazy about the speedy. sell it and get the Neverfull.
  12. to answer your question .. i say neverful MM! - i just bought it yesterday & absolutelty LOVE it!

    .. &&& to put my 2 cents in - keep your speedy! i have one too .. and it's just such a classic bag, that i believe it's a must have in a louis collection. (but i do understand if u really get NO use out of it EVER .. but think about it again - haha!)
  13. Neverfull!!! You're not crazy, lots of people simply prefer shoulder bags!
  14. Neverfull, it is a great bag and the price is very reasonable. It is okay to not love the speedy!
  15. i recently sold my speedy 30 so i can buy the neverfull mm. i am missing the speedy though, but i really love the neverfull. my friend has a vavin gm and i think the neverfull is way more practical. also w/the neverfull, it's like having 3 bags in 1! you can leave the sides uncinched, cinch the sides, or flip it inside out!!!