Am I crazy to return Oil Slick Sabrina??

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  1. With all the talk on the threads lately about high prices at boutiques, and the items moving to outlets very quickly, I am ready to return my Oil Slick Sabrina. Please tell me, am i crazy?
    I love Limited Edition bags. But I was burned once with the platinum Lily... it popped up at the outlet for $250, when I was on the waitlist for months to buy the bag full price last winter... a huge slap in the face.
    I loved the Oil Slick Sabrina because of its exclusivity, and its a neat looking bag... but I cant help to think of what else $1000 could buy me. And I cant help to think how angry I will be if they start mass producing this "limited edition" bag, or of they show up in the outlets. :cursing:
    I have been debating the return for a while now, but I think I am now ready take the plunge. I want opinions from you ladies first though... Am I making a mistake? Speak now or forever hold your peace!
  2. Well, I def don't think the oil slick will end up at the outlets...they didn't make many of them if my memory serves me correct. BUT...if you don't think you'll use it, I'm sure you can do a lot with the $1000!!! With that money, you can find a bag that you're over the moon about...hope this helps and good luck with your decision!!:P
  3. only keep it if you LOVE it!
  4. I doubt that oil slick sabrina will end up at the outlets! And if she does, you'd probably have to call every day all day until you find an outlet that got one and do a charge-send...since she'd probably be a return. But, who knows? Why don't you just keep her with her tags on still, and think about it? If she does wind up at the oulets, it won't be for a while. Can you wait to use her until she's a delete?
  5. It's up to you, sweetie!! Nobody can really give you advice as to what to do except to say that you need to weigh all of your options and do what's best for YOU!!

    My personal opinion is that I'm also sick of being burned...BUT...I also did this same thing (wait for the outlet) to get the atlantic lily, and a year of stalking outlets, the bay AND the boutique (there came a time I was willing to pay full or OVER full price! :wtf:), I didn't find it. I was only lucky that my SA contacted me when she was ready to pass hers on.

    So I will NOT do that to myself again!! However, I then went the other direction and started purchasing at fp things I really didn't want THAT BAD, and I got burned multiple times.

    So....I've decided that from now on, IF it's a bag I absolutely must have, I will buy fp and hang on to it for a while with the tags on (unless I'm dying to carry it) and see what pops up. I'll get the PCE price adjustment or return and buy from the outlet, but I won't let my fp bag go unless I find it elsewhere. That is, unless i"m sure it will show up later on, and in that case I will just wait. But for me, that probably means I don't have to have it THAT BAD. The Hamptons vintage stuff is a good example. I've mopped up on that from other sources, and I'm quite happy. However, if they were to make the elusive magenta hobo, I would jump on that at fp so fast that everyone's head would spin! I would probably just keep it for a while with the tags on and see what happens.

    At the end of the day, you have to do what's right for you! If you cannot afford to have the money tied up from fp purchases that you are not sure you're going to keep, then there's really no choice but to make a decision one way or the other....kwim?? So it just depends on what your situation is and how important that bag is to you. As for outlets, I won't be surprised to see it at a few later on down the road...I mean I don't think there are many bags that haven't been sighted. However, it's not likely that a lot of outlets will have this bag and that it will be within reach to you. You must factor that in to your decision!

    Good luck, and let us know what you decide!!
  6. Oh, and yeah, there were 24 made, but that doesn't mean Coach won't rerelease some. It's hard to know, and this bag is NOT marked limited edition in any manner. So at this point, the probable scenario is that a bag at the outlet will be a return or a damaged one. You said the mirror was broken on yours, right?? If that's the case and nobody buys it first, I imagine if you return it, then it will show up at the outlet!
  7. ITA...only keep it if you totally love it. If you absolutely love it, I wouldn't get rid of it, you may really regret it and may not be able to get another. The Sabrina is so popular, I highly doubt it will end up at the outlets.
  8. Hard decision. I also think the best bet is to keep it with the tags on - wait a couple of months and see if more are made or it turns up in the outlet. I dont understand why Coach does not make more since everyone seems to love the oil slick.
    But - then again you can put that 1k towards a LV, Fendi or Balenchia.
  9. I love the oil slick sabrina but if it were me I would return it just because of the sheer sticker shock price tag it has. However, if you know you're fine with affording it, then keep it! There is that chance Coach would mass produce them though. It's very hard to tell...
  10. It's a hard choice, but if it were me, I'd return it. It's a lot of money to pay for something you're not sure you even want to keep. I'm sure you'll find something else soon that you do love. Good luck.
  11. If you don't love it, definitely take it back. If you're just hoping for a better price, can you hang on to it with the tags still on for a little bit? I sincerely doubt that bag will ever end up at the outlet, but I do know that if you don't love it, plenty of other tpfer's would.
  12. I would vote to take it back. $1000 is a lot for a bag, especially when you have to ask. I think you should return it. I have a big regrets bag (not a Coach) and I can't return it (waited too long). It's frustrating because it's so much money just sitting there.
  13. I am on the fence with you I really don't think that it is a lot to spend on a bag I just have not spent that much on one yet but who is to say I won't if I find one that is worth it but I would ride it out and see first and if it does go to the outlets return it and buy it at the outlet price.
  14. I highly doubt they will appear at the outlets unless its a return. I know people have gotten burned before, but I have trouble finding hugely mass produced bags in the color I want nevermind more limited ones.

    My opinion would be that if you only like the bag because there are so few of them, return it. I really think that's a bad reason to buy anything in the first place anyway (just my opinion). Would you buy the bag if it was not so exclusive? If you love it and you're just afraid of getting burned, wait it out until sabrinas start popping up at the outlets and make your decision then. Coach has one of the best return policies of any company out there, take advantage of it!
  15. I would take it back and get your 1000 back, hold onto the money because spring is comming and maybe you will see something you really love for your spring/summer purse then by fall if you keep the oil slick you may look at it and like it even less and think what a waste of money . thats my opinion hope it hepls you out a bit!:smile: