Am I crazy to like this bag??

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  1. I have seen these two bags a couple times now and every time, especially the IF, I see it... I am rationalizing how much fun it would be to own this bag. What do you think?

    I also like this Carlos Falchi for a summer bag. Any input? Thanks in advance!

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  2. Ummm...... well...... Hmmmmm, I dont think your crazy, just looks like your a festive kind of girl!
  3. I do not care for the IF, but I think the CF is fantastic. I like the color, and the shoulder straps would be convenient, plus they are braided! Love it!
  4. I saw that IF on and didn't really give it any thought. Now that you point it out, it *is* kinda cute. I like the ribbon-like stripes and of course love the satchel style but the horizontal tabs are too much. I wonder if it's on adasa and you could get it for 15% off?

    Bag #2 is not my style at all so I'll pass on that one.
  5. That's funny you say that! I was looking at my closet and noticed all my bags are white, brown or black (asides from 1 ink b-bag and 1 mulberry havana), so I was telling myself that I need more color!

    So I'm trying to decide if I like this bag because it has some color and that's it or if I'd really get some practical usage out of it.
  6. I kinda like the #2 the color is cute! #1 is not bad but the stripes are too much IMO.
  7. i don't like the color of the leather on the IF with the print - i think it would look better with lighter leather.

    i love the color and feel of the falchi, but i'm not sure i love the shape. but if you want them, go for it!
  8. the velvet of the first one is cute but doesn't look good with that leather. i like the color of the second but not really the actual bag
  9. I don't really like either of them, my style is more understated (idk if thats the word i'm looking for :smile: ) but they look really fun but not very practical for long term usage
  10. To each his own....I could imagine this kind of bag style on someone who is an individualist, has an eclectic style...kinda like Gwen Stefani. I like the bag, but it's not me (maybe if I was in my 20's, even 30's)...I don't have the time and energy to spare. So, nevermind what we think, if this bag is your style and it make you happy to wear it...more power to you!
  11. I like the flap on the Carlos Falchi. I have seen this one online and it catches my eye every time. The other one is a bit busy for my taste.
  12. I don't like the IF. CF is really cute.
  13. I like them both. They'd be both be good to have. The first is more causal and the second is a littler more dressier. I like the second one better, though because I :love: the color.
  14. Very colorful. I like the first one better. It's funkier. The second one looks like a flower petal or something.
  15. The first one is something I would buy for myself if only it didn't have those horizontal straps across it on both sides. I like the coloured pattern of the velvet.

    The second one doesn't do it for me.