am i crazy to hv 2 totally in diff size but same print??

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  1. i hv a totally gm in mono..i love it but i tend to fill the bag to max so the bag always ended up heavier than i would like it to i thought to buy another one in mm size,mono print as always wearing dark color jeans so azur is a big no no for me(oh when will lv finally make tis in ebene??).am i crazy to keep both bags?or should i just sell the gm n keep the mm size.for reference,im 5" and size uk14/
  2. If you like the size of the GM on you, then just stop yourself from filling it to the max. I think it's a waste to have both sizes in the same print if the only reason is because the GM gets heavy when you fill it. A little self-control will save you a lot of money!
  3. Sell the GM and keep the MM
  4. Don't buy two bags in the same style!!!
    Don't fill your gm up OR
    Sell gm to fund mm
  5. i actually don't think it's crazy !!! i have a mono speedy 40 and will probably buy it in 30 or 35 :graucho:!!! so i can have a smaller version of the 40!!!
  6. Sell the GM and keep the MM.
    Then maybe you can use the proceeds from the sale of the GM to buy another bag in a different style? There are several options out there too...
  7. I thInk you should keep the GM if that is the size you like and just don't fill it so much. The only way I will buy the same bag is in a different pattern.
  8. I'm confused. The GM is a lot bigger than the MM. So if you run out of room in the GM, why would you buy the MM which is *smaller*? If your stuff fills the GM to the max it sounds like it wouldn't all fit in the smaller MM. Do you half fill the GM, carry it on one shoulder and put the rest of your things in the MM and carry it on the other? Seriously, I am tres confused!

    That all said, I have both in mono print. Totally GM goes to the gym with me for work purposes and MM is for running everyday errands.
  9. i love the size on me but i always ended cursing the bag at the end of the usually put my bag,in the car between the seats,on the armrest.when i put the bag,i couldn't see my daughter or anyone beside becomes like a border...n the bag always hit somebody else when im in the crowd coz the top is so wide,unlike neverfull gm,we can clinch the side...but i love the hoping that the mm will suits me better coz tis really a good bag ;)
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    Keep the GM just don't fill it up too much.
  11. sorry to get u confused dear.i tend to full the bag according to the size of the bag.haha..i can wear my speedy 30 just fine but then when i changed to the totally gm,i'll add things tat i tot tat i'll 'need' later.tats my bad habit.

    so my plan is to buy a new totally mm,see how it fits me and i feel bout both bags.but after a few thinking..i dun hv the heart to sell the gm..hence the i crazy to hv 2 totally in diff size?:graucho:
  12. Nope, because I do and use them for different purposes! So use the GM when you want to carry more and the MM when you want to carry less.:smile:
  13. I personally feel its excessive to have the same bag in the same print in a slightly different size, purely because the GM gets a bit heavy and seems rather large. As other posters have suggested, I would sell the GM to fund the MM.
  14. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having the same bag in different sizes. If it suits you then go for it. I personally own 2 speedy in different patterns & 2 noe in different pattern.. Lol. I say go for it. Buy the MM :smile:.
  15. The GM is practical and very versatile- from an everyday bag to even a travel bag. You can carry loads or little.. Play around and make it smaller if you want. I don't see why you should get the same bag in another size whether you sell the bag or not. I'd always think of upgrading- not down-grading!