Am I crazy to buy another pair?

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  1. Hi all,

    I don't seem to be getting much response on this in the Valentino threads so thought I should post here as I really want opinions.

    I have worn my valentino rockstud flats a few times and they are too big. After spending so much money I don't want to have to pad etc etc

    All my other shoes (louboutins) are usually 39 and I ordered this style true to size in 39. After reading reviews people buy bigger so don't know why they flop off my foot when resting. Heel pads help but just want them to fit without shoe aids.

    Would I be crazy to out these on eBay (would probably only be able to get half what I paid) and try the ones half size smaller?

    Or shall I just work with these?

    Opinions appreciated.

    Thanks :smile:

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  2. If you're near a retailer, can you try on the half size smaller before letting them go? You should know for sure the half size smaller will be a better fit. I'd hate for you to have to deal with ebay fees, non-paying bidders, scammers, etc. if it can be avoided.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I was just going to order them offline as I feel trying them instore is not the same as wearing them on carpet for a day or so and don't want to make same mistake again. I would then make a decision on which to keep and either return smaller size if still not working out or resell the bigger ones. Won't let go of the 39 until I know for sure which ones I would keep: I just feel gutted that I would have to sell for probably £200 less than I paid which is why I'm thinking should I just put up with it? Also wandering if this style will ever be comfortable as they have a very hard sole?
  4. Well, once you wear shoes out, they lose value. You'll have to take some loss if you decide to let them go.

    I prefer to size up and pad if needed in flats. I find the pads provide a bit of cushion for harder soles. The only pairs that have stretched out that pads can't help me with are cheaper, non-premium designer shoes.
  5. Buy one size smaller, them will strech and Look is better. I'm always doing in this way.

  6. Thank you for your reply. I am considering doing this but will buy insoles first and wear for a few days as I really don't want to be out of pocket £200 for the same shoe where I can help it. This money could put towards half the cost of new ones!
  7. I would try shoe pads first & see how they work ..

    If you do sell them, you likely will take some kind of loss..

    Can you try to sell them privately before putting them on ebay?
    Have you considered a reseller? (If there is light wear you might get
    a better price than on ebay)

  8. Haven't thought about reselling sites but thanks that's a good idea.

    I understand that I will lose because I have worn them but don't want to lose lol so think I will put up with as I don't think these kind of shoes are ever going to be massively comfortable from how they are made lol!

    I bought heel grips and insole today so will wear them soon and see.

    Thank you