Am I crazy!? Thinking of returning my Petrol Spy..

  1. Oh Man, I feel like I'm losing it! Have any of you ever done this? I have been on a handbag BINGE the past few weeks. The excitement from receiving the spy hasn't even dwindled & I'm already having that "Oh my God what have I done (spent) feeling" Should I try & sell the Petrol on Ebay or just send it back to Bergdorfs? I bought a 05 Rouge hobo from Bal NY today. In addition to the LV Mono Mizi, apple green hobo & cornflower blue city the past 2 weeks. SOMETHING has to go back! I also know the Damier Speedy is coming June 1st & the new B-bag colors soon after. Things AREN'T going to get better! :wacko:

    Help! :shocked:
  2. OMG. I just started a thread about this a few days ago.

    It seems like a large majority of those who have bought the pertrol spy have sold or returned it.

    I'm sure you could easily sell it one ebay but I dont know how much profit you're looking to make. Depending on how long the bergdorf return policy is you can always list it on ebay and if it does not sell then you can just bring it back to Bergdorfs :yes:
  3. But I do LOVE the petrol spy. It's not the bag itself, it's just the amount of $$ I've put out. I've went way beyond my handbag allowance this month! OK, I blame you girls!;) :lol:
  4. Don't tell me that!!! I may just want to get if off your nads!!!:lol:
  5. ooooo me too! *if* you do sell! let me know! HAAAAA
  6. Well, someone please take it off my hands.. Maybe I can get visitation?? I know I will regret it but I cannot look at the credit card bills next month until I send something back!:sad: *sigh* I get so caught up in the handbag moment...:rolleyes:
  7. hee hee..get it of her "nads"!!
  8. LOL!!!:lol:
  9. OMG, totally funny typo.. (I don't keep my bags there either:roflmfao: )
  10. hahaha.. funny! how much would u sell for??
  11. Sorry, I can't give much of a discount. I can return it to Bergdorfs & get full credit. I was just wondering if some PF'er would like to get their hands on it since it is such a rare color. I paid $2075 for it.
  12. haven't go got other bags that you don't use that you could sell on ebay? the spy is to good to sell!!!!!
  13. yeah, acegirl, maybe's there's another bag you'd rather let go than your petrol? like of all the blue bags you have, which would you rather keep? as Sophie-Rose stated, the spy IS too good to sell ;)
  14. Yes, I know, it's such an awesome bag! I have 6 (I think) bags up on Ebay right now. I did list the Spy last night. I'm just going to sit back & see what sells. For some reason, I've really been on a dry streak with selling on Ebay lately. No one seems to be bidding & I usually have at least SOME interest! Oh well, I will gladly keep the spy if it doesn't sell, I'm only listing it once;) (I have time to think about returning it to Bergdorfs..)

    I guess I will just have to collect aluminum cans or something to support my handbag addication:roflmfao: (but you can bet I'll be carrying a fabulous bag while doing it!)
  15. I really feel for you acegirl as I had that same trauma a while ago. It seems fine when you first buy something, but then 'buyers remorse' sets in and the dreaded panic about having to pay for them all! :rolleyes:

    When I sent my spy back to Fendi, I was told that they do not do refunds, so I am getting a honey spy.

    Trouble is, I am also waitlisted for a black patent betty and I am wanting 2 new balenciaga bags from the new collection..............:yes: