Am I crazy thinking about selling the red caviar med flap??

  1. Ok ladies, I don't know whether my love for the red caviar flap has died down or what....I am just not feeling the love as much. I haven't used the bag, and I can't bring myself to cut the price tag out. I think the inner flap along with the stiffnes of caviar making it quite difficult to get things in and out, I just don't get the idea of that inner flap, why do they have to make the med size double flap???

    I still want a red caviar bag (I do love this red tone), but the double flap bag is not really working its magic to me....

    Instead I have been thinking wouldn't it be nice to have a mini flap (messenger style AND single flap!) in a bright color, red would be really nice but they are not making any bright color, only black, white and beige (and I am not into pink caviar, which was actually on sale at Saks as a TPFer has mentioned b4).

    Anyway, should I keep the red med flap? Or sell it and wait for a mini flap in bright color in the future?
  2. KEEP IT!! You are insane haha!
  3. Keep!
  4. O-M-G! You have to keep it. It's so hard to find and such a beautiful bag. Perhaps you'll rekindle your love for her in fall and winter, which are more "red" seasons!
  5. I'd hang on to it at least for awhile since it is a bag that isn't going to be easy to get again. If in time you still aren't feeling it, then sell it. It's a waste of money if you'll never use it... but I would give it a bit more time just so you won't ultimately regret selling it.
  6. Agree!!!! Keep it for a little while and see how you feel about it.
  7. The red is such a classic color, if I were you I would keep it.
  8. Keep it!!! But I'm sure if you were to sell there would be many interested parties ;)
  9. keep! you will be kicking yourself in the future! this is the most gorgeous shade of red!
  10. Definitely it is something that I WANT and think should be in everyone's collection. However, based on how you feel about the double flap, it doesn't sound like you will use it. But I would think long and hard before selling such a great bag.
  11. if you really aren't crazy about it, then sell it...i have flaps in both sizes, to me, they are more or less the same. i like the size of the med flap better, but unfortunately, they only come in the double flap. so i just live with it.
  12. I know how you feel about the double flap. I have med white caviar and I feel the same way. But its RED!! I love the color. I am actually looking for a Jumbo red caviar (still in process) and I can tell you its not easy to find. If you find that you are not using it and the tag is still on, I think you should sell it. Its silly to keep a bag we are not crazy for just because it is a 'hard-to-find' bag IMO. Moreover, I'm sure the money can be used to fund your other HG bag..=)
  13. I don't like med+double. It's just heavy and impractical. Since you don't use it, then sell it.
  14. if you're not going to use it i would say sell it and get something you will use. what about trying to find an east west? it's single flap and slightly longer than a medium. it's a great size and the adjustable strap is awesome. this way someone who will use it will get it. or if you're not sure keep it- you can ALWAYS sell a classic chanel flap.
  15. I already have a blue east west so I don't want another e/w, also the red with new chain e/w is double chain, I don't like the shiny new chain double up for such a small size bag.