Am I crazy? should I buy it again??

  1. Hey guys, I am in love with my tobago shoebag!!!:heart:.

    I love it more than I love any other bag on earth!! LOL
    Sometimes I wish I had the same bag in black for when it rains (very often here)
    Since last week I've been thinking "Should I try to track one and get it in black aswell??"
    Would that be silly?? The thing is that in some way I would preffer the black tobago to be not so shinny.
    But anyway any toughts???
    Should I wait to see what is comming this new season or should i start the search?
    Tnx for your opinions
    Antonio :flowers:
  2. If you love it then get it, follow your heart lol. its a hot bag :smile:
  3. As socialite said you should follow your heart! and yes it's a practical bag which is worth to have it in multiples!
    BTW do you remember the retail price?? I was thinking about this bag too...
    Good luck Antonio and I say go for it!
  4. i've loved a bag so much I wanted 2 of the same! do it...but remember they did come out with that Black damier which seems really good for rain too..
  5. bagmaniac23 the retail I paid was to the exchange rate of today around 2000 USD

    TNX for the comments guys!!!
  6. If you love it that much, and want it in black, go for it!
  7. So approximately 1400 euros...that's not bad...
    so do you want me to try the boutiques in Greece if I find anything for you?
    I'm pretty sure I saw it in blue! Do you only want it in black?
    Let me know and I can help you...
  8. That's a hot bag!
    I wouldn't mind having 2 myself!
  9. I think you should try to find the black one. I'm sure next's season's bags will be amazing but if you come across this bag in black you should not pass it up.

    I'm a girl, but I have to say that this is one of the most amazing LV bags ever!! Ok maybe thats an exaggeration but I love love love this bag. I too have been trying to find a black one or even a blue one. has one in brown if anyone is interested.
  10. Go for it!
  11. ^^ well is not exageration LOL, I think that aswell!!! the brown is the one I have and I highly recommend it! is gorgeous and the color goes with almost everything

    Thank you Bagmaniac23 I will call the closest stores first and hear what they say, and I think is a price I can afford but is not really cheap for me LOL, I could be saving that money for other things if you know what I mean. That is why I have to think this very well!
  12. Well it's inexpensive for a vuitton leather bag kwim????
    I understand...if you decide it and want help..PM me and I can try to find it here!
    Good luck with your decision!!!
  13. You love it, you want it, so get it!
  14. ^^ Well I actually agree, When I see the way the bag is crafted, the leather, etc and that it will probably last a life time I think is well priced but I wish it would be, dunno 700 cheaper ?? LOL
    Thanks ALOT I will pm u if I need some help.
  15. get it get it get it! you can never have too much of what you love!