Am I crazy? Sell Pochette Métis for Speedy B 25?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    So I need some advice - I've been really admiring the Speedy Bandolieure 25 since getting my PM. I like my PM because of it's compartments, but part of me feels like it's not 100% my style. I'm more casual. I think that's what's pushing me towards the speedy b 25.

    Am I crazy? I just got the PM in February and I've been using it every day, but I don't feel the love like I do when I use my other pieces like my NF.

    I've also been lusting after a vintage Petit Noe lately but haven't found a decent one for the price I want to pay.

    Thoughts? Which would you choose?
  2. ur not crazy. can you go to the store and try on the Speedy B 25 before making a decision?
  3. PM is not for everybody, no matter how popular a bag is, in general, it's only significant to that particular persons lifestyle. If the speedy b is calling out to you, go for it!!
  4. I love my vintage Petit Noe. It is a wonderful bag. I like it as much as my Neverfulls.

  5. +1
  6. I don't think you're crazy at all. If it doesn't work for you, it doesn't work for you.

    I'm honestly kind of baffled by everyone's love for the pochette Metis... It's shape is quite big on my frame and I don't find it very easy to get into. It's just flattering or versatile on me. For the price, I'd rather have a twinset in empreinte.

    I think you should definitely try on the speedy or noe bb in canvas (cheaper option with a long strap) and see how it goes. Don't just settle. We spend too much to buy bags we don't wear.
  7. Is there any way you could get the Speedy and hang on to the Pochette Metis for awhile? It seems the Pochette Metis is so hard to get now and speedys are always available. I do think that you're right and the speedy could be more your style, though.
  8. I know it's the hot bag right now, but if ur not feeling it- ur not feeling it. Don't force urself to love it. I personally don't like the bag for me, though it looks good on others and there is a huge wait list for it. I agree, I think the speedy B is more casual than the pm and if that feels right for ur lifestyle then go for it!
  9. I have mentioned this in several threads on here - my Multicolore Noir Petit Noe is truly one of my most LOVED bags. It brings me so much joy. I don't know if it's right for you, but I just wanted to cast my vote for the Petit Noe.

    Bottom line is, only you will know what suits you. Go with your heart and go with what brings you a smile.

    Pochette Metis is not for everyone, I agree. I saw it and passed on it 3 times to date so I am among the few who don't understand it's popularity. (Though I admit that if money were no issue, I would love to have it for the "in" factor).

  10. Thank you all for your input. I did try the Petit Noe new model, but didn't like the new vachetta bottom. I much prefer the old model. I'm wondering if I should keep the PM and still buy the vintage Petit Noe or sell my PM and get the Speedy B 25 and the vintage Petit Noe. Either way, I want a cross body bag and a comfy shoulder bag. I will go to LV and try the speedy and see how that is.

    Thank you all for your help.
  11. Try the Twice too, I think that's a lot more comfy than the PM.

  12. Totally switch. I did not end up liking my PM and have been planning to sell it.
  13. #13 Apr 29, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2016
    i'm not a fan of the pochette metis bc it looks wide on my frame and i'm bias..i love my speedy B 25. just bc it's popular doesn't mean it'll work out for everyone. for example, i wouldn't carry a regular speedy bc I'm not a strict hand handle girl.
  14. I had a P Metis before it was an "it" bag, sold it. Bought it again, sold it again. It's got its charms but it had too many problems. My first had a funky latch and my second was starting to show the first signs of cracking. It's not all it is cracked up to be (or is it wth the!) I now would choose a speedy B in a heartbeat over that bag.
  15. I totally understand. I went through almost 2 months last summer deciding between the PM and the Speedy B. Like even hanging out in the store for an hour trying both bags on. Thankfully my SA is patient and she also didn't want to sway me and let me make my own decision, Ultimately, I went for the speedy B. I don't regret it at all! I love my speedy so much. It's perfect for going out for lunch with friends and also going to the zoo with my little girl. I can fit so much more in it (including a small water bottle when necessary) and it is really light. Also I feel like the vachetta strap is much more comfortable than the canvas. Now it's getting softer and I love it so much more. Definitely go try on the speedy b and put your things inside. I like that it's all open and I don't need the compartments. I know what you mean about loving your LV. I feel the same love for my Neverfull each time I use it. It's ok if you feel like you need to sell the PM to get the speedy b, then go for it. Don't feel guilty. Enjoy what you want!
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