Am i crazy or what?

  1. Went to exchange my newly zippy coin purse for this mono agenda cover (pm) today! Also got the expensive LV refills!! Ha ha... Thought of getting cheaper alternatives like filofax but my heart was telling me: " Get LV! Get LV!"so i went along with my heart and splurged on the 2008 refills! It cost me SGD115! I felt bad after paying coz refills after are paper only! :wtf:

    But i felt better after seeing refills at Kate Spade are going for SGD110! It is only a 5 dollars difference, i might as get LVs! Haha... (all excuses only!!) :yahoo:

    Also went to Tiffany and gotten myself a nice pen to accompany my new agenda! But i have difficulty securing the pen to the holder. The pen can't seems to go through!! Have i bought the wrong pen? :sweatdrop:




  2. That is a gorgeous pen! It may be too wide for the loop. That's a common difficulty as many slim pens do not fit. The loop does stretch with time, though.
  3. Oh no, i thought the pen is slim enough!:cursing:

    I tried to push the pen through but it is stuck halfway and i don't dare to push further in fear of spoiling the loop. :sweatdrop:
  4. Congrats on your new things!!
  5. If you get the blue tiffany pen that doesn't have the metallic etching, it will go through your loop much better. The cuts into that pen make it hard to push though. I have the plain blue tiffany one and it slips though much easier. It's still a tight fit. You can push it in and just leave it there for a while and gently push it up and down whenever you think about it and it will get looser.

    I would exchange it, if you can, for the other blue tiffany pen - exactly same color, just a smooth finish. It looks really pretty in the agenda too!

    Good choice - I love my agenda!
  6. Thanks, charleston-mom! :heart:

    I was waiting for someone to advise on this as it is very frustrating when you bought something and the thing doesn't work!:cursing:

    I just went to feel my Tiffany pen, it is actually quite smooth. The metal etching can't be felt at all. But probably it add to the thickness of the pen. :crybaby:

    Yeah, just checked the receipt, i am allowed to exchange it for something else within 30 days. Guess that's what i will probably do. No choice. :sweatdrop: