Am I crazy or what?????

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  1. So, today I was in Hermes in San Francisco. I went under the pretext of trying on the elusive Horn bracelet I've gotta have or I'll die and of course they didn't have any. BUT....what they DID have was a Gold Togo 32cm souple Kelly with my name written all over it. Just sitting there. On the shelf. Just waiting. I saw it there and thought...No, don't ask to see it...but I did and the SA took it out and let me hold it and walk around with it and stare at myself forever in the mirror with it. I was actually pretty pathetic now that I think about it.

    What a GORGEOUS work of art !!!!!! I was simply in awe of the workmanship and the pure beauty of the thing.....(no Birkins by the way....). I got to the point of asking the price, $6,000.00, which to me at that point didn't sound like all that much considering that the Bolide I was thinking about was $5,000.00. Anyway, the point of this long story is that I walked away! I LEFT IT THERE! I took myself out of the store and into my car and drove home without it.

    Please tell me that you've done similar things....please tell me it's because I'm still an Hermes novice....please tell me that there will be another one waiting for me when I'm ready....because I'm thinking I'm crazy for letting it go.... :wacko:
  2. No you're not crazt at all. If it had been the right bag for you there's no way you would've walked away let alone put it down!
    I also walked away from a gorgeous Kelly and ended up with a Birkin!
  3. I agree with Greentea. If that was the bag for you, you would never have walked away from it. There will be another waiting for you when you are ready.
  4. To me, it's like meeting your husband. When you know, you know!
  5. Shopmom, I'm sure you will chance upon a beautiful Kelly/Birkin one day when you're ready :smile: *hugs*
  6. A kelly woth your name written all over it? That must be very unique!!
  7. i saw that exact same Kelly and ended leaving the store empty-handed too. the next day, I got my Birkin :biggrin:.
  8. Oh yes, theITbag, I saw your birkin in another thread and I have to say, it's really gorgeous!!!!! It's TDF!!!
  9. Hi Shopmom! I procrastinate a lot about my purchases...if you can't stop thinking about it tonight maybe see if it's still there tomorrow? Maybe too you may want to see a Bolide before you make up your mind. Possibly a gold togo Bolide is what you are after.
  10. I agree with everyone, you're not crazy! If you still want it more than a bolide and it's still there it's meant to be. ;) I think they have Kellys there quite often? At least every time I've been down there I've been lucky enough to see one. That said, if I had the $ I would get it tomorrow! :lol:
  11. I agree with everyone! Don't get caught up in the hype to own one.... when you see the perfect one.... you won't be able to walk away without it.... LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!! ;)
  12. You know, I'd been in the store before and looked at the Bolide they had at that was lovely...just the right size in a glorious red color. I thought then, this is the bag for me. But today I didn't have the same feeling with the Bolide as I did with the Kelly...the real problem I have is my lifestyle - I really would LOVE to own a Kelly. I mean, in a BIG way. But I live in an area where, for example, the King of footwear is Birkenstock and getting dressed for a night out is, sometimes I feel a bit out of place when I wear certain things. The Kelly to me is the epitome of style and is and I have to admit it, my dream bag. But can I use it everyday when I wear my jeans and T's? Can I carry it to my local grocery store when I go grocery shopping? To Costco when I've run out of the family size case of toilet paper? This, I think, is what stopped me today. This is really the biggest problem I have with purchasing my dream bag........I need your advice!!!
  13. Get it!!!!! I know how you feel, I live in Humboldt County, the land of Birkenstock and tiedye! But I think a Kelly looks fabulous even with casual jeans/t-shirt and it would even make running every day errands feel more special somehow. :biggrin: Don't sacrifice your fabulous style just 'cause others don't have the same good taste. ;) I may be a shameless enabler but I say get it!!!!! (Plus it is my dream bag/color so if you do get it take lots of pics! :biggrin: )
  14. I agree with Lyn20045, it should be LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT without a doubt!! Your dream bag will arrive soon!! :biggrin:
  15. LOL, Crochetbella....I really love living here (I'm in Berkeley!) but sometimes I think I'm living in a time warp! The 60's are alive and kicking in my neck of the woods. Anyway, thank you for your kind words....I know you're right....I just need to get over myself....

    And, thank you everyone for all your sage advice!