Am I crazy or what?!?!?!?

  1. Is it crazy to get a retourne Matte Croc Kelly if you already have a vintage Sellier Croc Kelly in the exact same color and size? Hypothetically speaking, of course..........:graucho:
  2. ^^Nooo .....:graucho:
  3. Nope, retourne and sellier are two different animals. Got something up your sleeve, Muffin?:graucho: A certain matte croc kelly in retourne.
  4. Is the retourne a brand new bag, then that may be a consideration.

    But just a difference in retourne v. sellier, I probably wouldn't.

    OOOhhh, I feel a new purchase coming on!:yahoo::yahoo:
  5. Do you use your Sellier often or baby it a bit more? If it's the latter, go for the retourne. I think you will be able to use it more as a daily bag. I saw a woman with a 28 retourne in Matte Havanne dressed very casually in an H store and it just really worked.

    OR, wait and put the $$ towards your dream matte Havanne Birkin. ;)
  6. Normally for these type of questions I would answer "yes". However given that it is croc and for me, the difference between rigide and souple is so great .....a souple Kelly is beyond incredible and delivers an entirely different, wonderfully casual look -- -which I love. I almost bought a 35 cm. retourne matte croc Kelly a few weeks ago.....I adore this look, and think you would wear it beautifully.
  7. S'mom, IMO, you've always been more a Kelly-girl.
  8. You can never have too much Croc. :yes:
  9. I have Havanne in a gorgeous vintage Sellier that I just adore but don't use as much as I'd like to given where I live and what my lifestyle is all, I'm thinking a little something in MATTE croc retourne might fit the bill.......
  10. Ain't THAT the truth........

  11. I agree :heart::heart::heart:!!!!!!
  12. Yes, it is special. You can totally work this bag.
  13. In my part of Alaska???????? Where Birkinstocks reign supreme?????
  14. That is what I had in mind when as I typed. You could really carry it perfectly.

  15. Oh, Please! Like you actually wear Birkinstocks!!!