Am I crazy or what? Giving up Coach for 40 Days!!

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  1. Starting the 17th, I've decided to give up Coach for Lent! This means I'm giving up everything Coach related, except for carrying a Coach purse (which is the only brand I own).

    So, no going to the outlet (which is 5 minutes away), no going to the FP store, no, no ebay or bonanzle searching/shopping, and no tpf!!:crybaby::crybaby:

    So Fat Tuesday will be my last day here until Easter!!! Wish me luck, because I'll need it!:s
  2. That takes dedication. Good luck! We'll miss you!!
  3. You can do it! But maybe you should still use TPF, to live thru others lol. I gave up sugar for lent a few years back, it was hard..but I did it.
  4. It will take a lot of discipline, honestly more than I'd be willing to have, but I say go for it. You definitely have to give up tPF b/c the urges to go look at the other sites will be far to great. I hope you do stick with it though. Good luck!
  5. What a creative thing to give up for Lent. Yeah, i'm sure it will be hard but worth it in the end. Good luck!
  6. Good luck! You can do it. I didn't really shop at the outlet (10 minutes from my house) or come to tpf for about a month. I would have never thought I would give it up for that long, but I made myself be happy with what I had.
  7. Good Luck, I hope it doesn't hurt too much...You can do it.....
  8. I know it is hard but worth it.. I maybe freshing. You should keep a journal of the expriance and share it with us after...
  9. I stopped buying Coach for almost 1 year now. But I still come on the forum everyday. I miss buying Coach but my habit has been replaced with a clothing habit when I became a manager in a retail store.

    Hang in there 40 days of no Coach isn't that bad. I'm giving up coffee for Lent. Don't know if I'll last the 40 days!
  10. /\ /\ I would die w/o coffee- is it blasphemous to say I'd rather give up Coach?!!
  11. Good luck. Have you decided if you're going to give up tpf along with it, too?
  12. Yes, I'm giving up tpf too. I know if I stayed on tpf i would be tempted to buy.
  13. Best wishes to you on Lent! tPF is certainly a huge motivator for more Coach shopping so I can totally understand your staying away.

    I give up all my wicked ways for Lent but I hadn't consider adding Coach to the category until now... hrm... let me get back with you on that one!
  14. Good luck, and you can do it! Last year, I gave up TJ Maxx for Lent.....I may have to do that again.
  15. Good luck! You can do it!