Am I crazy or is there such a bag?

  1. Ok i feel like im going crazy- someone recently posted a pic of their new ergo belted large tote and now I really want one in white. However, the "large belted ergo tote" is too big for me, and the ergo belted magazine tote is perfect except for the fact that it is too skinney to fit all of my stuff without it looking bloated. Am I imagining things or is there a bag exactly like this (below) BUT with the belted design? It is the perfect size and width. Does anyone know? If so, do you have a price and item number? Dont you love how I dont decide that I must have a bag until it is gone from the website and I cant figure out what it was! :p
  2. Oops heres the bag I was referring to:
  3. no pic :shrugs:
  4. :crybaby: does anyone know?
  5. the only one that came in that size belted, was the signature belted ergo tote.
  6. Unfort. I think you are right - I picked up the large white (parchment) one and have never seen it in a medium. I also have the belted sig ... I will keep an eye out for it for you...sorry. I feel somewhat responsible for your new hunt:sad:

    Here are some pics to compare the large and medium

    EDIT *** what about a white or parchment ergo belted hobo?? Would that work? Did they make that one? Maybe Peacocky can fill us in***
    COACH 044.jpg coach 069.jpg coach 083.jpg
  7. ohhhh brutalangel- thanks for the shot of you w/ your bag! it doesnt look so big at all! I searched all the ergo threads and am coming up with nothing. I guess the belted look only came in the large and the magazine. But the large isnt THAT large, so thats what Im going to start looking for now! If only my outlet would hurry up and get them in! And yes burtalangel, it is totallllly your fault :lol:- ever since you posted your pics I have been in love :love: Thanks for all the info ladies!
  8. Yeah as far as I know that size did not come in the belted. :nogood:
  9. only the signature came in the smaller tote, unfortunately.
  10. I sure hope it works out for you ...Keep me posted :sweatdrop: