Am I crazy or is ScarJo carrying one of the "cloud" line??

  1. Taken from Perez Hilton's site of Scarlett Johansson at the LV show:
    The white purse looks like one of the upcoming new cloud styles.....don't you think???
  2. it is she wore it to the fall 07 show...
  3. Yup, and she's also been seen carrying it around town recently as well.
  4. i love that bag.
  5. I love the way that bag looks on her. Perez Hilton is so funny.
  6. Yeah, I think Perez is great, too. Without going to his site daily, I wouldn't know about Mika and Amy Winehouse---love them.

    Anyhow, it is a fabulous bag. It looks so soft (I guess like it is supposed to!!!)
    She's so lucky to get stuff before us mere mortals get the call......
  7. It's very nice IRL.
  8. A lot of her photo had been posted in the celebrity & LV thread. She is gorgeous in that outfit, IMO!!!
  9. Is the bag called the "Olympus"? I saw that somewhere online.Gorgeous bag :drool:
  10. I'm in love with that bag.
  11. It's a lovely bag!
  12. I love that bag! I want one so bad!
  13. i like the bag too...betcha I won't like the price that will come with it. LOL. scar jo is hot!
  14. Sc. Jo looks like she could be a .... "witch" if you know what I mean, lol

    She's got so much going for her - Justin Timberlake video, Vuitton campaign woman, etc.

    Too bad Lindz never got the campaign - I would've like to see her doing LV's campaigns instead of...Miu Miu (I think :shrugs:)
  15. The bag looks fab IRL