Am I crazy or is my leaf not supposed to be angled?

  1. Has anyone else's Speedy come with a crooked/angled leaf? I looked for some pictures on the forum but couldn't find any close ups of just the leaf. Is it normal? Sorry about the horrible quality of the pictures--they are from my camera phone.
    14-08-06_2254.jpg 14-08-06_2255.jpg 14-08-06_2256.jpg
  2. you can "straighten" it yourself...
    mine got a little crooked when i pulled it in a wrong angle...
    so i just adjusted it back to straight... :rolleyes:
  3. Yes, just wiggle it a little.:smile:
  4. can straighten it yourself
  5. I would never have in a million years dared to pull or tug on any part of it without being told to, but I just did and it worked! thanks ladies!
  6. Lol. It happens sometimes..but at least you know now!
    See why TPF is so helpful ;)
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