Am I crazy, or does this not look right at all?

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  1. Is it vintage?
    Is it fake?
    Has another overexposed celebrity plunged that low?

    Just wondering if anyone knows.

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  2. Fake Fake Fake!!!!!!!!! *sirens*
  3. What is that little LV thing? To hold keys?
  4. Looks like a HUUUUGE zipper pull to me! LOL!!!
  5. It looks like a coin purse with a snap!
  6. Kind of looks like the key and change purse. I'd need to see it much closer though...
  7. did they ever make a cigerette case?
  8. yes , I got my mother one. They have them in different styles and a mens one as well.
  9. seems like it should have a visible LV on it...maybe it's backwards? like, we're seeing the back of it.
  10. There's another picture of the accessory, and it doesn't look fake per say. It's been a while since LV has made anything like that with the kisslock close though, so it's kind of hard (at least for my LV amature eyes) to figure out whether it's real or not.
  11. Hmmm.. interesting.. maybe vintage??
  12. Maybe she had it specially made for her?
  13. I have one just like it- I am not an LV expert so I don't know exactly what it would be called, but I bought it years ago. Its a credit card holder/change purse on a key chain- was great through college. LV boutiques still carry it.
  14. I just looked at it again- and compared it to mine- mine has the LV symbol right in the center of it- so maybe it is fake? LOL!