Am I Crazy or Do My Eyes Deceive Me?

  1. Ok, I have decided that I definitely want a Mahala. I want 2 actually...(yes, I'm greedy!). I want a black one for everyday use and then one in a more unusual color. There's a color described as "bone" on the JC site and a couple other sites. Then one site calls it "sage"....what color is this bag?!!? "Sage" would make more sense, because this picture makes it look greenish, and because I think of "bone" as a off-white. But you'd think the JC website would know what they're talking about! Anyone have this bag? Could you post pictures? Or seen it in real life? Whatever it is, it's gorgeous!
  2. purseinsanity - The bag's color name is bone. But lately, I see it being called sage. I do not know how it could be described as bone by JC. I've never seen a bone that color, LOL. I have seen a few IRL and it is a mottled sage liquid patent. When it came out this fall, I got the cognac version.
  3. Jburgh, what's it like IRL? Is it a versatile color or kind of limited? And what does "liquid patent" mean? Is it as shiny as patent or more muted? TIA!
  4. purseinsanity - liquid patent is just a name that Choo has for the really slick super high gloss patent leather. The finish is smooth and reflective.

    IRL, the patent on the bag is really shiny, but the color is mottled. Because of the subtle lighter and darker areas in the patent, it does not have a mirror-like reflective quality. The suede is a putty color with a touch of sage.

    Lots of people love this color. For me it was a matter of two things...1. I did not want to risk spots on the lighter color suede, and 2. I wear browns and fall colors much more. So, the "bone" or "sage" version did not suit my needs. For me there was no question, I preferred the Cognac from the minute I saw it. Comes down to personal preference.
  5. Purchased the Mahala in this color a few month's back. Color is absolutely gorgeous, and definitely not Bone. It is a Sage color, as some have stated above. I returned this Mahala, as I purchased the Malena at the same time, and liked that style better for my needs. The "Bone/Sage" Mahala is TDF....
  6. Hi Puresinsanity! I just saw this exact handbag on line at NM on sale. It is not on the regular website. I got a special email from NM for a heads up for preferred customers. I just got the ring bag for 1,039.00!!!!! I think it will go out to everyone tomorrow. Good luck!
  7. OMG Peppermintpatty and Stinkerbelle, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I just bought my first Choo!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: You guys are awesome! Thanks again. I hope I get it soon. HEEHEE!!!!
  8. You're welcome and CONGRATULATONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo::dothewave::yahoo:
  9.'ll have to let me know how you like the Ring bag that was on sale in all leather! :tup: Did you get the black or the brown?

    I have 2 Ring bags but they're both the biker leather with watershnake trim. I've never seen the all leather version, has anyone else?
  10. purseinsanity - I look forward to seeing your pics, soon! Please also post them in the Mahala thread and the Green thread in our ref library.
  11. This bone color is one of my faves after seeing it on the JC site. It's so different! I cant wait to see your pics and congrats. I wish I had the moolah this week but I finally splurged on Pradas that have been on my list forever. Next up tho, hopefully some Choos!
    I'm SO jealous you got it for a great price!
  12. I'm so sad...I don't know what this means...I got an order confirmation from Neiman Marcus and then another email about 4 hours later that they can't process my order until I contact them. I contacted them immediately and they said to call back tomorrow. Sob!! What does this mean? I asked the lady if they're holding my bag or if they sold it already since they can't yet "confirm my order" and she couldn't tell me! Good God...I feel like I was on a total high and now I'm crashing. I'm going to be so upset if I don't wind up with it. Has this happened to anyone? Do they usually honor your order? Or do you think I'm going to wind up getting screwed somehow? I'm not even sure what the issue is??!!:crybaby:
  13. I dunno about NM but happened to me with Bloomie's online before. I would be upset too!
  14. You can use a regular credit card and not a NM card to shop online. This happened to me with NM, when I bought the Radiant. They said the CC company refused it. I called the CC company and they said since it was a high amount they suspected fraud. I had to get the amount "released" and "approved." I then called NM back and they re-charged it. Maybe something like this happened to you. You could pro-actively call your CC company, if this scenario was a possibility.