Am I crazy? Natural leather obsessed...

  1. They will both patina over time and take on a whole different look! That's one of the best parts of the natural leather! Enjoy!!
  2. The more the merrier!!! Saw the crossbody at the outlet this weekend. Will these patina similar to Louis Vuitton bags?
  3. This. They look very different to me.

    The leather on my Hamptons Tote handle is aging nicely. Makes it much more interesting.
  4. When I bought my Willis, the SA told me that the natural vachetta will darken over time, and she actually said, "think of Louis Vuitton handles." So, I'm thinking yes! :smile:
  5. Love the hobo! I just bought the Glam whipstitch after deciding for a week and checking it out at 2 different outlets, my DD told me I needed it lol! I would have bought the hobo but for me it needed to be a tad bit bigger. Congrats!

  6. Hello,

    I ordered this bag from a Coach store and haven't received it yet. May I ask how much was it at the outlet? I love it! I love the natural vachetta on it too!
  7. Hello,

    The bags are beautiful! :biggrin:I was wondering if you sprayed or applied any protection on your natural leather bags to protect it from getting stained or dirty?

  8. I'm personally too afraid to treat a bag with anything when the Coach care card warns against using leather cleaner or moisturizer. I know I've read that other gals do and I know lots of gals use stuff on their LV vachetta too.
  9. Thank you for your feedback!:smile:
  10. Twins on the Whipstitch. The natural vachetta leather is so amazing in the way it looks and feels. I also have a Willis but mine is the Citrine. There is just something about the bags, they're like potato chips. Gotta have at least a handful. ;)
  11. I've been eyeing the Poppy natural hobo the last couple times I've seen it on the online sale. I think it will be my next purchase.

    I like the natural tote too, but I'm trying to move from totes.

    Love both of your bags!