Am I crazy? Natural leather obsessed...

  1. Hello ladies... It's been FOREVER since I've been around here... and I mostly used to post on the LV forum... but coach is ultimately where my heart resides.

    I was recently feeling a little guilty about some purchases. I really wanted the natural leather willis, so I bought her from full price & proudly rocked her...

    However, when I was in my outlet this weekend... I found this whipstitch goody also in natural leather, and simply could not leave without her.

    I know they are kind of similar, but to me they look completely well as the whipstitch being a much roomier shoulder bag & the willis being something that I would carry crossbody when going out...

    Guess I'm just looking for some of you to justify my addiction!
    babywillis.JPG babywhipstitch.JPG
  2. Congrats. Love both
  3. Thank you... I guess I do, too, despite owning two bags that are soooo similar....wouldn't be the first time, I guess!
  4. I have the Willis in Parchment and the Hobo like yours so we're kind of addicto-cousins!
  5. They look like different bags to me with their own personalities. Enjoy!
  6. You have to have them both because the hardware is different! I'm the type of person that doesn't like to mix metals, so it's a necessity for me to have two bags in every color-one with silver, one with brass. Love them both.
  7. Bag twins on both!! Nice picks
  8. Enabler here! I love great to get that one at an outlet!
  9. I love them both. Congrats.
  10. twins on the Natural Willis :smile:
  11. I'll justify yours with a pic of mine. :smile:

  12. Love both and they will both work for different situations. It's perfectly normal (around here anyway!) to have different bags in similar colors. Buy what you love, carry what makes you happy - that's what we are all about here! Congratulations.
  13. Definitely both.....
  14. handbags4me - It is probably really sad but I didn't notice the different metals thing at first. LOVE the way you think!!

    QueenLouis - You absolutely MADE my otherwise crappy day! Yay!

    I think I love all of the ladies here. I appreciate all the kind words & enabling!

    I hope to be able to spend more time around here and maybe post some pics of my humble little collection!
  15. They are different and beautiful! I have repeats of colours and/or styles and each serve a different role and appeal to me at different times\moods. Great choices ~ congrats!

    ps. if you used to lurk on the LV side, you're probably used to seeing repeats. Most of my bags are DH always asks," How many brown bags does one woman need!" LOL! Can't wait to see the rest of your collection!