Am I Crazy.... MacAttack!

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  1. Okay, so I have been counting down the minutes till the arrival of my Teal Mac and she is finally here! So here is the crazy part, YES she is beautiful, BUT I was planning on replacing my leaf green mac with her because I don't need two green macs and I thought it'd be nice to have one mac with silver hardware but I'm afraid I love my leaf MORE! So I'm pretty sure miss teal is going back... what do you think, am I crazy???

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  2. Beautiful Mac collection! Thats a tough choice there
  3. Nope, you are not crazy at all. I am a believer in that you should only keep the bags that you love and could not live without. :yes: Send her back and find a beauty that you love!
  4. Do you really have to choose? I love both, and I think they are very different colors.
  5. They don't look similar at all so I say keep both if you can.
  6. LOVE your macs! I LOVE them both!
  7. [​IMG]

    Honestly, I think that Leaf Green is more green, and Teal is more blue-green (and has the silver HW), so they're different enough to rationalize keeping both :graucho:. HOWEVER, if you're not LOVING Teal, ITA with the other your money for something you KNOW you will love...GL with your decision :heart:! Keep us updated!
  8. I like leaf better too. Leaf is a warmer green, teal is a cool green-blue. Does that help you with your wardrobe or skin tone?
  9. I too got a teal MAC and it wasn't love. So I sent it back and am waiting on delivery of the teal Beloved Mini. Sometimes the leather/color is so right, but not meant for the style. The Beloved Mini is similar in size to the MAC but I think the style will work better for this softer, smooshier leather.
  10. Never keep what you don't love!!!

    However, all your MACs are just gorgeous!
  11. I sent my teal MAC back , I didn't even open the box. I saw someone elses pics on here and knew it was not for me.
  12. Oy vey that is a gorgeous row of MACs...*sigh* I'm a keeper of many things I probably shouldn't, the other ladies have the better philosophy - keep what you love, send it back if you don't. That's what I had to do with my Teal Devote. It just wasn't love.
  13. these are two different bags :smile: keep them both.
  14. I agree, if you have doubts, then let it go, although your MAC row is gorgeous!
  15. beautiful mac's! especially the teal!