Am I crazy if.....

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  1. Would you think I was crazy if I return a vernis pomme agenda to get a used mono koala agenda with pink interior? Now I originally wanted the koala one, but by the time I really got into LV, it was already gone. It is not that I don't like the vernis, I think it is BEAUTIFUL, I am trying to think practical. The vernis has not even arrived yet, it is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Just would like to hear some opinions.

    I was also interested in the T&B complice agenda and actually found at least one left in the country, but if I had to choose between the koala and T&B I would pick koala.
  2. haha no not crazy=)
    personally, i prefer pomme. but get the one that you like the most!!
  3. I have a vernis agenda in amarante and I love it....but if your agenda arrives tomorrow and you're not absolutely in LOVE, I would return it and get the one that you love, that's never crazy! Good luck!
  4. Thank you ladies^^
  5. Get the one you can't stop thinking about! (although I like Vernis better)
  6. :biggrin:Thank you
  7. I like Vernis better but if its koala you really want, go for it!
  8. I think you should take it back and get what you really want!
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    I have the mono koala with the pink interior and absolutely adore it. It's feminine, practical and adorable and I get so many compliments on it. If you have found one in good condition, grab it. They are irreplaceable. You can always get a vernis agenda.

    I use the blue/turquoise Tiffany pen with it and it's just darling against the pink. Look at it this way, these are discontinued and the pink interior one is almost impossible to find. I would almost buy a second for a spare if i ever saw one. That's how much I love my agenda. I use it every day. My daughter has the mono koala with the mandarin interior and it's pretty too, but ah -that pink!
  10. Thank you charleston-mom, I really love the koala for the exact reasons you stated, plus pink is my favorite color. :yes:
  11. You should always buy what you love. If you love the second one the most then get it!
  12. ^^ I agree. I LOVE my vernis pomme. Have you seen abelia's amazing collection in the agenda club? The pics are amazing and will make you want to keep the pomme and also get the koala!!
  13. I agree that you can probably get the pomme later. I have a bleu nuit vernis agenda and the T&B agenda, and as I said in your other thread, I think the canvas 'expands' a little more than the vernis. I started feeling bad for my little vernis friend :blush:

    Bottom line: I definitely think that there is room for a vernis and canvas agenda!
  14. I have the koala mono w/pink and the koala damier w/red. These agendas are just gorgeous. I think I like them better than the vernis ones. If you can get the mono w/pink (my favorite), GO FOR IT!!!!
  15. You should get the one that you love. Go for the Koala!