Am I crazy if I'm not really a Birkin person??

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  1. OMG...I was trying on clothes for fall this morning in anticipation of buying something new that comes in. Anyway, I was holding up my 30 Birkin and 32/35 Kellys. I think the 30 Birkin is too small for my figure.
    I'm 5'3" and kind of overweight, but working on that aspect. Do you think I'm crazy to let it go? Should I wait a while? I really need to clean the closet and lighten the load of orange boxes.

    I'm waiting patiently for my 35 togo Kelly with gold HW...Bal Harbour shipped it out last Wednesday and I'm still waiting...shipped ground.:supacool:

    Oh what to do?? I also have a black chamonix Drag with palladium HW and I'm not sure I like that anymore.

    Do any of you not have a Birkin? I think the Birkin is not me anymore because I really love classics and not trends. Do I have to have a Birkin? Help!!:hysteric:

    Ohh...I have an ostrich 35 cognac with palladium HW Birkin on special order...what to do...
  2. Well, I have to admit, I'm a Kelly girl.....without a doubt. I have held Birkins, though, and at 5'6", I would definitely be getting a 35 if I ever get one.....I think they are very casual compared to the Kellys....JMO!!!!! I will be considering one when I have a good collection of Kelly's (from formal to casual) going strong....then the token Birkin....but this is just me!!! I think I'm in the minority!

    Having said that, your new cognac one sounds DIVINE!!!!!!!:yes:

    I would sleep on it for a may change your mind again - it's a women's prerogative to do so, after all!!!!!:smile:
  3. Thanks Kristie!! Maybe I just need to take a walk.:wlae:
  4. Another crazy here! Although I have 2 35cm Birkins in black and gold I am a DEVOTED Kelly fan, :heart: :heart: I am almost ashamed to say that the count is I think at 10, and I think its because the Kelly can be anything you want her to be- from a divine dressed up rigide 28cm to a casual super chic souple 35cm worn with the wide strap across the body. But in the end as with everything it is "chacune a son gout", and luckily there's room for us all! So love your Kellys in good health!
  5. I agree, don't move too fast here! I love the birkin and think the 30 is a great size - are you more worried how it "looks" or how it "works"?? I think if it holds your items well, it works...however, if you're not loving the style....maybe you should get the 35 and see if you do like that better...maybe it is just the size that bothers you. Okay, not much help...but I do feel you shouldn't be too quick to move them out!
  6. OH my Bababebi!! Welcome and so excited that you have ten Kellys!!
    You're right that you can wear it dressed up or casual chic! Do you use your Birkins? Thanks for your kind words.

    Shoes!! I haven't seen you for awhile! I guess I'm more worried how it "looks" "looks" small next to my frame. Maybe I should try the 35 and see. Good advice - thanks!
  7. lh - I haven't personally held a 35 but feel that the 30 is large enough for me (and I'm not skinny myself lol!)...look back at some old posts as there were some pics that compare the 30 and 35 I believe...
  8. Well I use the Birkins more as totes, and a lot less than the Kelly choices but honestly I have always felt the Birkins were big on me. I am 5'5 and petite (skinny arms and legs etc.) For my daily use the 35cm Kelly can perform the same function as the Birkin and in a soft leather like clemence my Kellys really can hold a lot. Then of course there's the strap options which I use constantly when I am shopping.

    So I am thrilled you have a new 35cm arriving any day what divine excitement!
  9. I do think you do need to hold off your 30 cm, I have seen it in person, it is a great bag. I hold some accessories well though.
  10. I am not really a fan of the Birkin and have no desire to own one at this point. But that is just me. I am sure the bag looks just fine on you. Don't do anything you might regret later, Birkins are much too difficult to obtain. Keep it for a while and you will probably find that you'll start to like it again.
  11. I say get the Kelly then decide - don't do anything too rash.
    I love my Birkin but have a feeling, when I get my first Kelly, that I may turn out to be more of a Kelly girl, too. :smile:
  12. Listen, I guarantee I have the largest *ss in this whole bunch...GUARANTEE...I won a contest with this one...not is the roundest bootie you have seen on a white girl...and I have put on pounds after having 3 kiddies...and I am 5'1".

    My SA said over and over a 30 is for me...soooooo unless you are really stocky don't give up that birkin. Hold off!

    I was also told by two SA's in my store that many women want the 35 and they are overwhelmed by the size of the bag...that they look foolish. OK...that is their opinion, but they do see many women and they are able to compare.

    Advice from Ms. big bootie!

    Oh, and I am really a "Kelly girl at heart" that is on a hunt for a birkin and a Kelly at this very moment!!!
  13. I say don't let that baby go!
  14. Do not do anything drastic! This is something you should really think long and hard about!
    Let's finally set that date for lunch and bring hte birkin with you! I will give you an honest opinion!
  15. Ohhhh!!!! TEN KELLYS!!!!! When I get 10 Kellys, I think it will definitely be Birkin time!!!!!!!:yes: :yes: :yes: WOW!!!! I would love to see them, Bababebi!!!!!

    GT - I love your Birkin, too:heart: .......Potiron - mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!