Am I crazy If I buy the same bag that I have?

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  1. #1 Sep 22, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2010
    Hi Ladies,
    I know there has been few similar questions, but I just can't help myself keep thinking about it and now I can't decide whether to get a same flap or not.

    I bought my very first Chanel, M/L Classic Caviar with Silver hardware, 3 monthes ago - just before the price increase in the UK.
    What I originally wanted was M/L Lambskin with SHW. I bought Lamb first and returned it because I was so afraid of damages while using it. But then I realised I woundn't use the flap as an everyday bag and regret I returned it as I really wanted it, then I tried to buy lamb again.
    It was not succesful though, due to the crazy atmosphere over the price increase.

    So, I keep my Caviar with me now, but still thinking of lambskin that I returned.
    I bought 2 classic quilted WOC in Lambskin - one in black, one in silver. I love them, but am still craving what I originally wanted- Lambskin M/L flap silver hardware!!!

    Now It's hard to resist this temptation of buying M/L Classic Lambskin with Silver hardware again.
    Is this really crazy idea?? Should I go for it or not?

    One side of me says that I shouldn't do it since that's actually the same bag, and I even bought it $$$ less than now once.

    I can consider buying M/L lamb in Gold hardware since all 3 Chanel bags I bought recently are all in Silver hardware, but not sure I will be happy, as lamb with GHW looks different to the one with SHW?

    I am also looking at reissue medium size (if it is 226 equivalent to M/L, I haven't seen it IRL.) But I personally prefer lambskin over distressed calfskin.

    My ultimate question is:

    1. to get Classic Lambskin M/L w/Gold hardware
    2. to get Classic Lambskin M/L w/Silver hardware
    3. to get Reissue 226 w/Ghw
    4. wait and get another colour Lamb in the future
    (I've been talking about black flaps, I thought I'm still new to Chanels and need more classic pieces)
    5. not to buy any more flaps!!
    (because I already own quite a number of bags... Only 3 of them are Chanel though)

    Any opinions would be appreciated. TIA!
  2. Lambskin is the best. I much prefer it to all caviar. I dont care that is is high matience, so am I! LOL. I would get the lambskin, it feels sooo nice and isnt luxury about the senses? Touch is soo important. I don't get as excited to wear caviar as I do lamb. It is very special!
  3. that's the point!! I want it so much because it feels very special, but feel guilty to buy more as it is almost same bag... sholud I???
  4. I would sell the other one! Then buy the lambskin with the money, or get another bag. I dont think it is crazy to have 2 of the same bags. I first thought you meant, 2 caviar mediums and in my head I was like ok. She wants a back up in case one gets ruined. LOL. I would sell the caviar and buy lambskin and then get something else in caviar, maybe a beige?
  5. If your heart is set on the lambskin m/l then I think you should get it. You bought it once but returned it and is now regretting that decision. To me that simply means you prefer the lambskin over caviar.

    If you can afford it, then keep the caviar and buy the lambskin as well. There are lots of ladies here would have both or multiples of the m/l in different variations. If not, then you could sell the caviar to fund the lambskin. GL

    ETA: Personally I prefer lambskin, it is so soft to the touch.
  6. #6 Sep 22, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2010

    Thank you for your opinion!
    If I keep my Caviar and buy another, which hardware should I choose?
    What I like the most is Lamb with SHW/ But should I go for GHW bcos I keep Caviar SHW?
  7. This is what you should buy. Buy what you love or else you will regret your decision. ;)
  8. I have 2 m/ls. both are in black with ghw.
  9. Could you get a lambskin Reissue? That way you get the beautiful leather in a similar style, but not exactly the same.
  10. I think that the lambskin and the caviar M\L flap are two different purses so I don't consider it silly at all to be getting the lambskin! I have the lambskin M/L with ghw it was my dream chanel purse and I don't regret getting it, so if your dream purse is th lambskin with shw then I say satisfy that dream and let go to rest :smile:
  11. #11 Sep 23, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2010
    No, you're not!!!!!!

    I actually have the black Jumbo in both caviar and lamb, both in SHW:P
    They serve different purposes, though....the caviar is for everyday, it's so tough I can bang it around and not to worry about its condition.
    The lamb is for special going out for a dinner or a business function or something. Lamb is more luxurious, and though the Jumbo size is rather big for a night out, the luxurious sheen of lamb makes it dressier than caviar....

    Besides, with the constant price increases and with Jumbos/Maxis being double-flapped, I figure I need to keep all the Jumbos!

    So for me, both bags are different enough to keep. But I love black and the large portion of my bags(Chanels and other brands)are black. It's the color I get most drawn to, closely followed by gray and red so I diversify my bags by having them in different styles...
    That said, if black is not your favorite color and if you have something else you're lusting after, maybe it'd be wise to sell the caviar and get the lamb.

  12. ur not crazy lol
    lambskin and caviar are completely different, they feel so different and you wear them differently, i bet if you got ur dream m/l in lamb with the SILVER that ur after u wont regret it.. because lambskin can be for those extra special occassions, and caviar for daily use. if u get the gold hw u will be thinking ow :sad:, deep down u already know what to get. Your just looking for reassurance you arent crazy so i say GET IT GET IT! :woohoo:

    ps- you can always sell your caviar down the line if you feel you no longer need the 2
  13. You're not crazy at all. I have multiples of the same bag & use it for different purposes. If you love the lambskin with SH, then you should get it! Otherwise, you're just going to keep thinking about it. Personally, I'm a lambskin girl myself. Love it & it's not high maintenance at all! Truly luxury at its best. If you feel guilty about having both, then sell the caviar. Problem solved.
  14. I would wait for more colours to be released. You might find another colour to buy in lambskin....
  15. At first when I saw the thread title I thought what the same purse but to me caviar and lamb are like apples and oranges, as they say. First off a smidge to file away in your memory bank, always go with your first impression. Second guessing, analyzing things to death more often than not --well, you get the idea. Trial by fire.

    Back to purses -- Get the lambskin and be in love totally with no regret. Perhaps find a pre-owned black lamb that is vg condition. Remember it can be spa'd to a state of newness, (is that a word).