Am I crazy?? I hated Diorshow mascara!

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  1. After hearing numerous friends and tPFers rave about Diorshow mascara, I took the plunge...and I hate it. I got the waterproof black Diorshow and it runs more than ANY non waterproof mascara I have ever had. I have never even worn waterproof before because I have never had issues with smudging, rubbing, or dark circles from mascara. I wore it and after 2 hours, it had transferred onto my eyeshadow under my eyebrows, and was under my eyes (I did not even use it on my bottom lashes!) I used to use Lancome Hypnose or Chanel. I think I am going to try Benefit's next and the Diorshow is definitely going back. I am so bummed!
  2. Wow!!! That has never happened to me!! I do not use the waterproof though. That sucks!
  3. if by benefit's mascara you mean bad gal... it has NO staying power on me at all! it sounds very much like what you described with the DiorShow. I used it about a week and a half before I couldnt stand it anymore and tossed it :sad:
  4. Wow good to know. I was going to by that as my next mascara because I always hear about it in magazine reviews.
    I currently use Lancome Hypnose and love it.
  5. No, you're not crazy. I hated the stuff, too! I bought it based on Sephora's recommendation (voted Best Mascara Of 2006 or something) and serious loathing followed: it ran easily (globs of it could be scooped out of my tear ducts every night), clumped like crazy (gross clown lashes), and flecks of it always came off on my face throughout the day. So no, I really don't understand the hype. Granted, I didn't get the waterproof version, but from your complaints, it doesn't sound like it made much of a difference.

    I've never used Benefit's Bad Gal, but I have used Big Tease by Bare Escentuals and that sucked. Sucked so much, in fact, that I didn't even use it all. Right now I'm using Too Faced's Lash Injection and while it's good, I'm still in search of the perfect mascara. This particular mascara lengthens and volumizes lashes by coating each lash with elastic polymers. Weird, I know, but the mascara literally comes off in little lash socks. Anyways, it builds up really fast, so anything bordering 2.5 coats makes my eyes look crazy.
  6. Crap!!! I just went and exchanged the Diorshow for Bad gal on my lunch break today.....maybe it will be ok. If not, back to the drawing board.....
  7. I hate it too! Shu Uemera is alot better! :yahoo:
  8. Bad Gal Lash is an excellent mascara.

    Right now, I use MAC's new eyelash primer with their Zoomlash mascara over it and it makes me look like I have fake lashes on! :smile:
  9. I'm not a fan of Dior show at all either! I used it for the first time two years ago so I thought I'd give it another shot and bought Dior Black out-hate it too!

    I absolutely loved Dior Maxim Eyes though, seems like its been discontinued recently because I can't find it anywhere and it's driving me was perfect for my long lashes! UGH!!
  10. I hate it, too!! Clumps and flakes!! It's crap!!
  11. Wow! It's good to know the other side. I was thisclose to getting DiorShow because of all the rave reviews here and ended up buying my good ol' Shiseido Lasting Lift instead (didn't want to risk it). Now I'm glad I didn't waste my money!
  12. You're not crazy!! :nogood: I didn't like it at all either!! I had a similiar experience with it & the consistency of it was just... yuck!! :tdown:

    I tried Bad Gal from Benefit, and it was better then DiorShow, but I still had some issues with it smudging alot. I basically would only use that for dance shows.

    For day-to-day, I've found that Bare Escentuals "Weather-it-All" waterproof mascara works wonders for me!! I already have pretty thick/dark lashes though, this just gives them some volume, lift, & shape.
  13. ITA - It's the most overhyped, overpriced junk out there!!
  14. I second that:tup:. Shu Uemera black mascara. Waterproof and long-lasting.

    I have super-duper short lashes, and with their eyelash curler (which is also the best), my lashes curl and stay that way for the day.

    Add that to Laura Mercier waterproof black eyeliner (brush sold separately) on the top lid and OOHH LAA LAA I'm a new woman! Good luck.:wlae:
  15. Yeah, I agree. I don't get the hype.