Am I Crazy?!? I didnt like the hampstead IRL....

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  1. I just got back from my LV store, I wanted to check out the hampstead IRL. As many of you know I have been debating between the PM & MM. Well, I didnt like the PM, the base was just too wide:sad: . The MM was nice but since I already have my BH i didnt really need another "big" shoulder bag. So I wasnt too crazy about it:sad: .
    But I did fall in :heart: love:heart: with the saleya pm, it fits on my shoulder nicely and very cute as a handheld....So I will be ordering my saleya from the US:yahoo: just have to pick between the ebene or azur:confused1:
  2. HMM? I have second thoughts about Hampstead every other day and am wondering if I should get it *again* but then I say "nah- remember the corners M?" and then I'm back in the "non-Hampstead likers boat" - so *hmph*

    Saleya! Nice- but not for me- and if I did ever get it- I'd try ebene! Good luck and congrats on the choice!

    BTW- Your kiddos are SO CUTE with the LV's!!!!
  3. saleya pm is better than hampstead IMO, one of the best shoulder bags... but i love it as a shoulder bag, the handles are kinda long to use it as handbag.. get it in Azur:heart:
  4. I think they hampstead would be a more comfortable shoulder bag since saleya has rolled handles, but have never tried either IRL. I would like one of both! lol... so glad you found the perfect bag for you!
  5. well, hope you love the saleya when it comes.
  6. I felt the same way when I tried them on IRL....If I could get the Saleya with the inventeur plaque it would be perfect. Oh, and when I tried the Saleya PM the SA said they're lengthening the handles in August--but he also said not to quote him.
  7. no your not crazy! I didnt like the hampstead for the same reason! No worries, maybe get the saleya?
  8. i actually don't mind the look of the hampstead but it just didn't suit my body well. DH said it was too bulky at the bottom for my height (i'm 5') but he did like the saleya more and i do too. so you should go for it...either azur or ebene would be lovely although ebene i think would be better if you don't want it to get dirty so fast. i'm glad you decided on something you like, i know you've been looking for awhile and pls share pics when you get it! :smile:
  9. I was the same way I didn't like the hamptstead so I got the saleya pm instead. For some reason, I like ebene better than azur. I like the azur line but I'm still waiting for other styles to come out. For now I'm ok with my azur pochette and cles. Congrats!
  10. I thought I would get the Hampstead MM coz I love the BH but wanted it in Damier. Until I saw it IRL, I HATE the bottom, soooo stiff and stick's out!

    Gorgeous bag though, but not for me.
  11. i waitlisted for the hampstead.

    but when i went to see the bag..i didn't like it at all, ITA, the base is too big! even on the PM!
  12. I like the Salaya, post pics when you get it!
  13. I didn't like the Hampstead when I saw it in the store either.. I was thinking of getting the MM but the shape looked kinda off for me :push: But I LOVE the Saleya! I'm getting the Ebene later this year cause I already have an Azur piece. If I didn't I would have a HARD time choosing bet the two, so good luck to ya! Post pics when you get it! :yes:
  14. I think the Hampstead is a really nice bag along with the Batignolles, but the thing that puts me off is the opening with both of them. I just wouldn't feel safe with it (as I dont feel safe with my petit bucket).

    I would go for the Ebene in the Saleya, tho I do the love the Azur!
    Good luck with whatever colour you go for!
  15. Get the Saleya PM in either ebene or azur. Cutest hand/shoulder bag since the Speedy!