Am I Crazy? Hair Color Opinion Please...

  1. I've worn my hair the same for years now. My hair is naturally wavy / curly and it's been it's natural color for about 4 years now, and I feel like a change.

    Any time I've changed the color of my hair before it was normally chunky blondish gold highlights, but I'm sick of that look on me and want something different.

    I've been seeing a lot of celebs with this particular color of deep brownish / black that I love and I'm thinking of going in that direction but my mom keeps telling me my color is fine and I'm crazy for wanting to change it, so I thought I'd ask opinions here.

    Here's some pictures of my hair....

    Here's examples of the color I'm thinking about....



    Thanks for looking. Any sugestions would be welcomed :smile:
    me.jpg me2.jpg megan-fox-picture-1.jpg
  2. I like your current hair color. I think the others would be too dark. If you're sick of blonde highlights, maybe try light brown highlights which are more subtle.
  3. it's not a huge difference from what you have now. i think it'd be pretty. instead of dying all of it that dark color perhaps they could put in some lowlights of that darker color in so then it won't be a huge change. or you could find the color in a store bought kinda that washes out, that way if you don't like it then you're not stuck with it.

    and i don't think you're crazy, i love coloring my hair! when i was in college i used to change my hair color every 3-4 months!

    here's another dark color that i think is really pretty and fun.
  4. I think a more chestnutty brown would look better than black color. plus it will be hard to get out if you ever wanna dye over it! good luck
  5. :yes:
  6. I think going lighter would look nice as well. Maybe a chestnut brown.

    BTW, (this is totally off-topic), your skin looks AMAZING. Any secrets? What skin regimen do you use? Thanks! You are very pretty!
  7. Thank you all for your advice I really appreciate it. I'm still unsure what I'm going to do, if anything, but I'll make sure to let you all know if I do anything. I'm currently leaning towards getting some low-lights possibly....

    Thank you so much Think2Day. I've been working very hard on my skin for the past few years so it's always really great to hear compliments on it.

    First things first, I don't tan and never have.(I'm 27 BTW) I have oil, acne prone skin with big pores and I've tried almost everything to even out my skin, control my oil and acne. I had really bad skin before...

    For the past year I've been using some products from HSN (Home Shopping Network) called
    Serious Skin Care.

    I use.....

    * Serious Skin Care Glycolic Cleanser
    * Serious Skin Care's Glycolic Renewal Gel (the best thing EVER!!!)
    Serious Skin Care Buff Polish

    These are for any skin type not just mine.

    Because I get oily I don't always moisturize, I only do before putting make-up on. I use....

    Serious Skin Care A-Copper Oil Control Cream with Copper Peptides.

    I also use two different eye treatments from a HSN line called Ice Elements

    Ice Elements IlluminEYES Brightening Serum
    Ice Elements Rejuvenate Eye Cream

    As for foundation I use a mineral powder...

    * Physicians Formula
    Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Face Powder

    I hope this helps. Thanks so much for the complement by the way. :smile:
  8. Thanks for the advice! My skin is exactly like yours except I have combination skin. Very dry cheeks but I was saved by La Mer moisturizers. I will try the Serious Skin Care line. Thanks so much!!:smile: