Am I crazy? (got the Cynthia Rowley bag)


Jul 27, 2006
A while ago I posted a thread asking about Cynthia Rowley bags and after hearing nothing but good things about these bags, I ordered one from Bloomingdales. Well...I finally got it...and as you all said, the leather is fantastic:yes: ...but the bag is not what I was expecting.:s

The first picture is the picture Bloomingdales had on their website and the second pic is what I actually got. Am I going crazy or is the hardware on these bags different? :confused1:

What do you think of the one I got? I'm not crazy about the hardware on it and am leaning towards returning it:sad:


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i like this more :
Looks like the size and shape is the same, however, looks like a variation of the hardware, and it appears that the type of leather is different, and the color is definitely different. Wonder why Bloomies would send you something reasonably different than what you ordered? Even though I like the bag very much, I'd be upset that I didn't get exactly what I ordered. I love Cynthia Rowley, though.
I'd be upset that I didn't get exactly what I ordered.

That's what is bothering me the most. You would think that a major retailer like Bloomingdales would at least have accurate pictures on their website. :cursing:

I don't hate the bag I got, but the hardware just isn't really my style. I really like the plain square hardware sooo much more.

So, what would you do? I paid nearly $20 for shipping and am kind of annoyed that I'm going to lose that money because Bloomindales can't provide accurate pictures of their merchandise. Do you think it is worth trying to get them to refund the shipping cost?
You're completely in the right to get your shipping reimbursed--it's signifigantly different from the pic and what you thought you would be receiving. I'll bet you really did a "double-take" when you took it out of the box!
Gawd... Bloomingdale's is starting to behave like eBay with the old "bait and switch."

I would definitely be taken aback and upset. You want what you want. They sent a different bag. That is horrible. Their mistake.

I think they should reimburse you for everything including shipping both ways, plus they should give you a $20 gift certificate toward another item.

Tell them you wanted to use the item on your honeymoon or something special and you are very upset. Maybe they will do something special for you.

It is very sad when a quality store like Bloomingdale's can not even get it right.

Sorry to be so cynical...

Two completely different bags. When I enlarged the pictures, everything seemed to diverge from colour to leather to hardware . . .you can't make a decision to keep a bag unless it was the one you ordered!
Just an update for anyone who cares...Bloomingdales agreed to refund the shipping charges and I can return the bag in the store so I don't have to pay to ship it back to them.:smile:

Bloomingdales messed up and misrepresented their merchandise, but at least they were willing to cooperate and fix their mistake, so I guess I can't be too annoyed with them...

BTW, I'd definitely buy Cynthia Rowley again - nice bags :yes: - this one just wasn't my style.