Am I crazy for wanting to buy $20 worth of Dove to get this?

  1. I'm a total sucker for freebies! Go for it!
  2. Yeah, but if you want it...go for it!
  3. It's nice!
    If you use Dove anyways then why not!
  4. Dove doesnt' go bad.. if you use it.. why the hell not
  5. Not crazy at all. I'm a sucker for freebies too. I bought a pair of shoes at DSW a few weeks ago just because I liked the free bag they were giving away with purchases. The shoes are okay but I love the bag.
  6. can't go wrong with worst case scenario, you've got enough soap for awhile!
  7. My makeup bag gets replaced every couple of months because I can't resist getting whatever Clinique gift is being given out if it's cute! At least I always have travel size products for vacations!
  8. You're not crazy at all! At least you'd be buying something you'd use everyday (lotion, soap etc) and the bag looks pretty functional too. It'd be different if you were talking about buying something you'd never want/use/need OR if it were more than $20. Go for it!
  9. not at all. i brought cologne to get a purse so i know how it is
  10. I don't think you can have enough bags that come in the price range of 'free' so I would go for it. If nothing else, you could keep your Dove in it. ;)
  11. go for it girl!!
    i love Dove, i use their soap and lotion :yes:
  12. omg i do that ALL the time
    go for it :smile: hehe
  13. Go get it, GF!!! I love that bag!!!
  14. Hahaha, that's the encouragement i needed. Plus, with the $10 off $25 coupon, I'd be getting a great deal on cleanliness AND a cute bag.