am i crazy for using TWO mascaras?

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  1. ok, so this is going to sound a little weird, but i use two mascaras...on my upper lashes, i use DiorShow to get the super long, thick, lush look, and it works great. when i put it on my lower lashes, i noticed that it flaked under my eyes and gave me that lovely 'raccoon' look. so then i tried Chanel Inimitable, and it didn't flake or raccoon me at all, but it just wasn't as dramatic looking. so then i thought - use both! i put DiorShow on my upper lashes and Chanel Inimitable on my lower and i love the effect - super huge lashes with no raccooning!

    sure, i'm a little crazy, but i figured i'd post this little trick in case any ladies were having the same problem and hadn't thought of it yet.
  2. oh yeah I do that sometimes also I use black on my upper lashes and on my lower lashes I use metalic purple its quite nice :smile:
  3. No, you aren't crazy. That's very smart actually.
  4. Not at all.
    Most of the time I use three mascaras to complete my eye makeup. They are different formula..:P
  5. I use the Shu Uemura Fiber Xtension as my first coat, then I apply a coat of the DiorShow Ultimate to length and curl. Love the look.
  6. OMG--I have used 2 different mascaras since I was about 18 years old! A thick lush type on top and a thinnner-consistency one on bottom. Actually I use Maybelline great lash on bottom ALWAYS, as it has the perfect consistency. If I use a thick mascara on bottom it becomes a clumpy stuck together mess. What I use on top varies--Lancome is a favorite.
  7. not at all!
    I use Anna Sui (long) and thick they are two.hehe..and they smell divine!
  8. i use maybelline lash stylist on top for the super long and thick look, and maybelline volumnious for my bottoms, for a less out there look, just enough to see them! lol
  9. Yesterday I used Elizabeth Arden, and followed it with Revlon lash enhancer
  10. Some even use 2 brands on just the upper lash, so it perfectly fine to do so.
  11. That's a great idea! I'd just given up on putting any mascara at all on my lower lashes b/c it always smudged.
  12. thats a very great idean to layered ur mascara with 2 different brand. I do the same as crazy with mascara.
    I also curl my eyelashes after using the mascara, not before!! u will get a better result!
  13. i just read in interview with Giselle where they asked her for beauty tips and she said to do this!
  14. i do the same too coz i don't have long lashes so i do coat my lashes with 2 different mascara! it is a neat trick!
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