Am I crazy for not being "in love" with my new wine Nikki?

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  1. Hi everyone. I lurk often but don't post much. I got a black Nikki two months ago that I adore! I just received my preordered wine Nikki. It's a beautiful bag, but for some reason I just don't love it. Am I insane? I had been wanting this bag since last year. Today is my last day to return it for a refund. I'm scared I'll regret it if I return it, especially since I got it with 20% off. Help, please!
  2. Can you list the reasons you don't love it?
  3. Is it the style? Perhaps do a Mini Devote, it's still the "hobo one strap" ish style but with a structured bottom and it's a little bit easier to carry! I LOVE my :smile:
  4. Maybe post some pics?? :P
  5. I guess it's that I already have a Nikki and think two bags of the same style is a bit overkill. I know many ladies have lots of Nikkis. It really is a beautiful bag. I love the black one because it's so easy. Maybe a different style would be better. I can't get pix of it up because I don't have a camera right now. It is the new Nikki with mixed gold hardware. The leather is very, very nice. No flaws or anything.
  6. How does the glazed leather wear? Does it crack easily? I have 3 very small children so it's hard to have to treat a big too delicately.
  7. Ok I know what you can do, return the Nikki since you don't like repeate style...get a Mini Devote OR join us for the special order wine matinee lol
  8. I'm pretty sure the Wine is very durable. There are pics scattered around of people who own Wine bags 1-2 years old and they look amazing. If you feel having the same bag in different colors is too redundant for you, then maybe you should take the earlier suggestion of trying a Mini Devote instead? You like the color in person right?
  9. Well, I probably shouldn't address this issue since I have about 15 Nikkis (too lazy to count), but wouldn't it be nice to have the black for everyday and the wine for when you need a brighter color? The leather is pretty thick and doesn't require any special care. But if you really don't like it then you should return it.
  10. I love the color of wine. I

    kiwishopper I've never seen a matinee IRL! The pix are gorgeous! I'd love to join that matinee s.o. but $650 is a bit steep for me right now! Plus, if I don't like it I can't return it. Is one more person still needed for the s.o.?
  11. The wine leather can take a beating. It's thick with a slight glaze so it'll withstand the grabby hands of 3 small children (I have a 4yr old and a 1yr old.) My wine Nikki is still new so I have to break it in more, but I have not doubt that I'll have it for a long time. Wine is a nice alternative to black and brown..... but if you don't like having two of the same style bag then I also recommend getting a mattie or MD.
  12. nazaluke That's a good idea.

    How versatile do you find the wine to be?
  13. The wine is extremely versatile and can go with most colors. It's really a bag that you can use all year round too!
  14. No you're not crazy! There have been a few girls here that wine hasn't worked for.

    I'm a BIGGGG advocate for wine. Jewel toned colors like Wine, Royal, Emerald etc can be worn as neutrals year round and practically go with anything and everything. Wine if vry functional and versatile for most wardrobes. As far as the leather, it is VERY durable, you've got nothing to worry about. it will gracefully age.

    I agree that you should try another style if you don't want two nikkis. Wine also comes in the mini nikki, MAB, MAM, Mini Mini, Matinee, MAC, mini devote... I have a MAB, mac, and mini devote, AND if i could i'd get the mini mini too. The mini devote is one of my favorites!

    Also, there is a wine with red lizard trim MAB and MAM releasing in a few weeks that may interest you as well.
  15. desi Thanks for the heads-up on the new releases. I'm getting more tempted to just go for that Mattie S.O.!