Am I crazy for loving the "1947 Samourai" bags?

  1. i saw these handbags from the runway photos, and now they are popping up in the dior ads for fall. call me crazy, but i am REALLY attracted to these bags. too bad they are in the $4000 price range. :crybaby:

    these bags were designed to commemorate the House's 60th anniversary, hence the "1947". i think the designs are really beautiful and the details seem so amazing!

    but how would one use these bags? can they be used with casual outfits or are these a purely "special evening out" kind of bag? what do you all think of these bags?
    diorsamourai1947brown1.jpg diorsamourai1947green1.jpg 08m.jpg 03m.jpg diorsamourai1947fuchsia1.jpg
  2. more photos...
    01m.jpg 09m.jpg samouraijaune2.jpg samourairouge2.jpg samouraigreen2.jpg
  3. Its classy and elegant... i really like the way the leather is woven...very unusual ( in a good way! lol)
    It does look very mature and i dont think it will go well with casual clothes... if it wasnt that price..i would def get one LOL
  4. These don't do it for me; but, they do have a museum quality about them.

    If you were a collector of Dior through the decades I can see adding one to a collection. However, the shape really makes me think of my grandmother's church bags from 3 decades ago - and they cost her less than $5 each.
  5. i admire the craftmansship and inspiration, but it aint for me ...makes me think of my grandma`s bags as well shape wise ... :nogood:
  6. Personally I love them. But I think you really need the right outfit to pull it off, without looking a bit odd. I can totally understand why some people dislike them, they are definatly a different, unusual look.
  7. I dunno it seems as though dior is targeting and older age group this season (no offense). Some of the bags truely are beautiful, but not for me.
  8. yes. They seem like from the past.. but beautiful and well thought out. I think a $5 bag from the past will not have such beautiful finishing and craftsmanship...I don't think the design is practical to carry though..
  9. I like them a lot!!:heart:
    I think they would look great with simple wardrobe (for instance classy black dress) when going to the theatre or some fancy restaurant. I agree they are not practical, but this is not something you would use on daily basis.
  10. I don't like the snake details....w/out them the bag is a work of art.
  11. i dont post much in the Dior forum, but i have to pop in and say those bags are AMAZING! wow the detail on them is just superb!! for the casual q, i think in certain cases u CAN pull this bag off with a casual outfit. Think jeans, white fitted shirt simple flats and a beautiful bag

    mmmmmm if only i had a pocketbook to foot that bill!! hehe :smile: damnit why can i skip law school and just stright start making moola! (or marry rich haha)
  12. Not for me. But, it is a work of art.
  13. They kind of rekindled the Dior flame for me, I haven't bought a Dior in more than a year, but I may have to buy this one :nuts:
  14. Amazing detail. The bags are really beautiful, would love to see irl!
  15. I think no matter if you like them or not or whether they are your cup of tea, everyone have to acknowledge the amazing design and craftmanship of these. I think they look amazing and I've thought so from the moment I saw them on Truly gorgeous, top of stylish and elegant.