Am I crazy for doing this?

  1. For the past week, it has been raining on and off and today was no different. The weatherman predicted a 40% chance of rain so I didn't want to take any chances when it came to my i came up with the idea of folding a plastic shopping bag and tying it with a rubber band and placing it in my purse. Just in case it rained, I would just whip out the plastic bag and put my purse in it..haha..crazy? well, my friends and family thought so..they couldn't stop laughing! :push:
  2. LOL! I would name that "protecting your investment"!
  3. actually that is a brilliant idea!
  4. You are in no way crazy.. I started doing that 3 years ago with my LVs. My co workers thought it was crazy too.
  5. I did that at my sisters graduation that was rained out. Everybody laughed, but hey-it stayed dry when everybody else was wet!
  6. that's a really good idea! :yes:
  7. what a great idea!
  8. hehehe i do that too!!! but my fav crazy thing is keeping the dust bag in my handbag!! :smile: perfect solution for the movies ;) i ussally dont care where i place my handbag (yeah i know im abad mommy hehe) but i REFUSE to place it on the floor of a theater wit all that butter/candy/softdrinks EEEKK!!!
  9. When I get my new spy I have going to have spare plastic bags in it. I didn't pay a whole heap of money to get it ruined. And I completely agree with how beejerry put it, "protecting your investment!"
  10. i do the same thing b/c i dont want to get my purse wet in the rain either. but i always carry a coat with me, so if i can't find a plastic bag, i will cover my bag inside the coat to cover it from the rain. now i might get wet, but my purse won't. i guess it's my coat protecting my purse not me.
  11. That is a great idea!