Am I Crazy? Dreaming About Chloé

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  1. Okay, I didn't know where else to post this but here. We've all been talking about the significant change in the leather quality Chloé has been using on the Paddingtons and after having read so much about it from this forum, I went off to dreamland last night with those thoughts in mind and, get this - I DREAMT ABOUT IT!!! :confused1:

    In my dream I wanted to find out what the deal was about this leather story so I went to a store that sold Chloé (don't even recall if it was a Nordies, NM or a Chloé store!). I ran straight to the Chloé section and was aghast to see the bags. Pile upon pile of paddingtons with leathers that looked very stiff and very thin (think Furla leather stiffness), and the Paddington satchels looked like toblerone boxes because of the leather. :cursing: Even the colours were all sombre, like the light was snuffed out of these beauties. I distinctly remember a Paddington shopper in a really depressing shade of grey that was a perfect square shape and I ran my fingers on the leather and felt like I was feeling a leather bound book. Just when I was about to complain to an SA, my husband's alarm clock rang and I was back to reality! Whew!!! I didn't even wait to have breakfast, I just hopped right on to this forum to share this story.

    The effect of having a purse ban. The bags swirl in my head even in my sleep... :yahoo:
  2. This post is so funny. :roflmfao: It's ok to have Choe on the mind. I "day" dream about Chloe all the time! They often say that subconscious desires often appear in dreams. Perhaps this is a calling - you need another Chloe!
  3. hee hee that is too funny - but heh you know what they say your dreams normally mean the opposite so we all have fabulous smooshy leather to look forward to!!!
  4. lol that is too cute :biggrin:
    don't worry it's only normal since you're thinking about it ;)
  5. That's hilarious!:roflmfao:
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. Oh dear that just sounds like a nightmare, I have to padd my choco to feel better, much better!:p
  8. lol what a nightmare!!!
  9. LOL - a leather bound book - EGADS!!! And you hopped right over here!! i would have done the same thing. O my gosh! We are all CRAZY girls but I LOVE it _ LOLOL!!
  10. My husband says if I mention the word, Chloe one more time, he's gonna freak out. He waited in the car today while I did a Nordstrom errand so I did it super quick so I'd have time to fondle the Chloes. I'm a kook. :drool:
  11. I dream about buying handbags at Saks all the time, LOL! And my 4 year old driving my car (I let him and then realize he shouldn't be, but by then he is gone).
  12. Totally NOT crazy, I've had dreams of Tracys since your pictures!
  13. I knew this was the only place I could share this and be thought of as normal! Thanks, ladies!!! :roflmfao: