Am i crazy? clear nail polish on groom

  1. well i finally got my groom cles yesterday, but im pretty paranoid about scratching off the color. After reading that rishin's has scratched off a little in only 3 days, that scared me even more, especially because i was planning on carrying it round in my pocket a lot.
    Then a thought came over me, what if i paint over the screen printed area with clear nail polish.. would that protect it? then i thought 'thats crazy'. I remembered i used to paint nail polish on stuff to make it colorful or seal it. Do you think this could work or am i totally nuts, lol.
  2. I thought about it too, but would u have to coat the whole thing? and wouldn't u run the chance of screwing it up?
  3. I am really not sure! I think it would ruin it! I think you should just be careful!
  4. DON'T put nail polish on it! It's not made to last a long time. It might chip off together with the groom paint after hardening... Additionally Nail Polish damages certain materials, ever seen it "eating up" polysterene foam/beads?

    I've painted the tip of a plastic cap (lip liner) with colored polish so I could see the color faster. Some of it chipped off, not leaving the Original plastic cap under it but some scratched looking thing...
  5. maby ill try a tiny bit on the back above the stitching... i just thought it might crack as well if bent. Maby ill find something to do a test run of it, see how it stands up.
  6. ok put down the brush and step away from the groom!

    please please don't paint it with nail varnish/polish it is a disater waiting to happen
  7. I wouldn't suggest it. Some people use the nail polish remover to thin out their nail polish and nail polish remover removes color. It makes me think that nail polish and nail polish remover has some similar chemicals in them that mgiht strip off the color instead of achieving what you want to do.
  8. I agree!!:wtf:
  9. omG, why are you guys putting nail polish on your groom pieces!! *covers eyes* I cant watch this.
  10. :lol:
    And yes, you are crazy!!:upsidedown: :lol:
  11. Oh my gosh this is like waiting for an accident to happen :wtf:

    The chemicals in nail polish are extremely corrosive toward certain plastics, etc.
  12. Yeah I agree, I think it might actually begin to make it chip and do the exact opposite of what you want it to do.
  13. hey! thats a no-no... dont do that :sad:
  14. haha! sorry this is really off topic, but I used to paint my mom's pearl necklace with clear nail polish! haha! ya.....I had a friend, she told me that I should use clear nail polish to seal my (fake) pearl necklace, so after trying it out, it worked quite iono a thought came into my head and I was like "why not go paint and protect Mommy's?!?!?!" haha! (I was 8....)

    okie, ya....I don't think you should do that.... it's not a good idea to fool around with EXPENSIVE items! That's a lesson I'll always remember:biggrin:
  15. oh no, don't put nail polish on it!! I seems like it would just be too hard to put it on evenly and the after effects might be damaging to your piece too.