Am I crazy? Anuschka!

  1. I just ran across this line on and I am LOVING it.

    What do you guys think? Is it too loud? Anybody have any of these?
  2. It sure is different.
  3. I love Anuschka. Very, very different. I have two bags. The price keeps going up and up.
  4. Which ones do you have? Any photos? Modeling photos? Would be intersted to see a real one and not just the stock photos.
  5. If you look at the Anuschka website, I have the first two abstract bags that are shown there. I think I posted about these bags in an "under the radar" type of bag, if you do the search. I love the hand painted look, amd the leather is very soft, yet durable. The sales person at the boutique in Punta Gorda where I purchased my two bags, has had one of her own for years, and she swears by how beautifully they wear. Actually, I think they are really catching on, and I get compliments whenever I wear mine. They are very fun bags and are very unusual, too. Forgive me, but I am very tired tonight, and I believe if you did a search, I think I posted a picture about six weeks ago of one of my bags, but I deleted the picture from my computer. You should see their wallets.......yummy!
  6. I've just discovered this designer and am dying to see any IRL pics!
  7. I truly love these bags. Fortunately, there is one store near me that gets them in on an intermittent basis, but you can go online at and see them. The pictures are 100 percent accurate, and the detail work on them is just beautiful. I had to get my tape measure out to imagine the sizes, but if you want a great leather bag that will hold up and mellow out through time, that is the fun funky bag for you. I've asked Santa for another one. I get many compliments on mine. There are several stores in Santa Fe that carry them, too, as they can take on a contemporary Southwestern look.
  8. I feel like I'm on a trip!
  9. LOL purseinsanity! While these aren't my style, I can appreciate that they're handpainted and they're different - and different is good :tup:
  10. Its not really my style.
  11. I can't think of the style name offhand but the flower print satchel is really cute. I'm not in love with it enough to spend $200+ but I'm am curious to see what other prints they come out with. :smile:
  12. wow crazy lol I think artsy people could probably work those bags though :smile:
  13. wow, they are really cool and different, and for that price I'd definately get one.

    I dont know anything about the designer though, anyone bought one?
  14. What IRL stores sell them? They don't reply on their website. I would like to see IRL before I purchase one. TIA!
  15. I've seen them in some local boutiques and they are pretty, but not designed for practical use. I prefer function over design.