Am I crazy? A miroir speedy vs. ambre cruise

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  1. I am way ahead of the wait list for the miroir speedy because of a major mixup error with vuitton that resulted in a complimentary bump. I'm on the list for the pouchette as well high up. I love the pouchette more than the speedy because it looks like the antigua collection stamp.

    However I just saw on ebay by a MPRS seller selling my dream bag...the ambre collection (I don't know what my fascination is with clear combined with high fashion accessories).

    So should I give up the miroir speedy which is potentially going to become one of the most highly sought after bags of the season and possibly for years? Or go for the dream bag?? I already put a bid in for the ambre but if it goes past the max proxy price, I can't afford both the speedy and the ambre.
  2. get the ambre. its your original dream, so stick with it.
  3. Since you love the ambre so much, I would go with that. The mirior bags look cheap IMO. I haven't seen them in person, so I am just going by pictures I have seen posted.
  4. I say get the Miroir. You've already missed out on one limited edition, but the price of that limited edition probably isn't going to sky-rocket anytime soon. Would you rather get the Speedy at retail and pick up another Ambre a little while down the road, or end up buying them BOTH at after-market prices?

    Also, you have several months before you'd be carrying the Ambre, so that's all the more time to pick one up.
  5. Miroir! Hands down.
  6. I would get the Miroir, but if the Ambre is your dream bag then get it...
  7. Perhaps the dream bag..
  8. Miroir!!

    Although I DO want to see it IRL:smile:
  9. I would def get the miroir...don't lose you place on the wont regret it!! it's a highly sought after bag!
  10. Miroir! Thats my vote.
  11. no help I love both...sorry
  12. Get the dream bag. Miroir will come up later on ebay.
  13. I vote for the miroir:heart:
  14. Well apparently its going to be the miroir. I let the ambre go. (I cry because it went at half the buy it now price)
  15. I told you so, that sucks. But-you´ll get the dream bag some other time!