Am I crazing for digging these bags???

  1. A little rebellion, graffiti-esque, there's just something fun about this bag that gets me thinking... the other, a little sunshine on a dreary day... a little escapism was never a bad thing...

    So am I losing my Fendi-mind for loving this???



    Pictures from Eluxury...
  2. Not to sure about these BalenciagaLove, have you seen them IRL? they might be stunning........but they are not for me I shall stick with the
  3. I've seen the second one.......ugh it's to die for!!
  4. The 2nd one is a maybe. The 1st is way too loud for me and yes it is very graffiti like!
  5. The second one looks gorgeous! I love it.
  6. Saich - I haven't seen them in rl. Namely, I was thinking about something to use to carry some files around in... something a bit more whimsical, a bag that I won't have to be too concerned about if it bumps against anything.

    Hmm... seems like no one else likes the first one. :s:hrmm::shrugs:
  7. ...
  8. Well, I like both, though I am not sure I'd have the guts to carry them. The Zucca print (?) is very subtle in the first one, which makes it even nicer... Plus, I don't think there will be many fakes for these styles...
  9. I really like the second one!! Im not sure about the first one! However, for what you want to use it for it might just be perfect! It does come in other prints..I do like the bag, I think its the pattern colors that Im not sure about it.
  10. My dear friend, here is my words of see it IRL and if you love it I am sure it will be fantastic. Looking at the pictures I would go with the 2nd one but until you see them IRL its hard to tell, the first one might be fantastic. Ideal for what you want them for.
  11. The second one got a lot of votes!! I love the blue that's on that zucca print. It's brilliant, imo.

    The first one really would be a throw-around bag. Lately, I've been using my Chloes that way. It makes me feel a bit silly.

    Saich - I think you're absolutely right. Probably should look first before I leap!
  12. Late on the thread..but yes, look before you leap! Saved my wallet many times! I too would not carry the first, but I like the blue on the second too. I saw the purple version of the 2nd in the store and it was real cute. I would have gotten it but I have other things I want first. So only if I was a millionaire! :smile: Oh and if I was then I'd use the 2nd as a throw around bag..
  13. Gosh, what bags are u guys talking about? I wanna see too..
  14. Actually the images seem to have disappeared..on this thread as well as a few others. They'll probably come back soon.:confused1:
  15. Nope. Been bit by the spy, those collection threads have me a little crazed, nothing else seems to do it... sorry.